Pharmacy department needs to be upgraded: Prof Saeed

MN Report 05:39 PM, 30 Sep, 2022
Pharmacy department needs to be upgraded: Prof Saeed

KARACHI: Prof Muhammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice Chancellor, Dow University of Health Sciences, has said that there is a need to bring the pharmacy department and especially hospitals pharmacy to the level of modern developed countries; in this way, better service to the poor humanity and the effectiveness of pharmacy education can be increased.

He said this while addressing the seminar organised after the exhibition's inauguration in connection with World Pharmacy Day at Dow College of Pharmacy as a Chief guest. Head of Pakistan Society of Health system s Pharmacists, Leaders of PPA Qaiser Waheed and Adnan Hirani, Medical Superintendent of Dow Hospital Dr Zahid Azam, Head of Hospitals Pharmacy Department Dr Asma Hamid, College Principal Dr Sumbal Shamim and others also spoke on occasion.

Prof Saeed Quraishy said that in developed countries, the pharmacy department of hospitals pays a lot of attention to the adverse drug reactions, in short, ADR and AMR (antimicrobial resistance), i.e. resistance to the drugs of germs, viruses, etc., and report it, which helps the pharmaceutical companies in their work and the government agencies in the strict monitoring of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Still, unfortunately, we are not working on these issues by which we can serve humanity or our suffering brothers and sisters as it is the right of this work. The teachers and students of pharmacy need to pay attention to this while addressing the seminar. Abdul Latif Sheikh said that pharmacy had not been adequately understood in Pakistan since the beginning. Pharmacists are doctors of doctors. They are because they determine the preparation, type and quantity of medicines. In the modern medical system, the doctor's work is examination and diagnosis, while giving treatment is the responsibility of pharmacists.

Undoubtedly, educational institutions like Dow are like gold mines from which students mine gold. He said that the future of pharmacy students in Pakistan is bright because the doors of employment are open for them. Now there is room for more young people in this field, and there are also development opportunities. However, there are still areas in which work needs to be done in geriatric medicine.

Dr Zahid Azam said that the guidance of the pharmacy department is crucial for correctly using antibiotic drugs. We are trying to avoid the side effects of antibiotic medicines with the help of the pharmacy department.

Dr Asma Hamid said that the pharmacy department is emerging under challenging situations after corona and dengue; now, the importance of the hospital pharmacy department is being highlighted in the care of the flood victims.

Earlier, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Qureshy formally inaugurated the pharmacy exhibition organised by the students by cutting the ribbon, inspecting each stall, and asking the students questions about their projects.

At the end of the seminar, the special guest Prof. Saeed Quraishy gave shields to speakers and organisers.



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