4th Dow DICE Health Innovation Exhibition’18 Comes to an End

Karachi- The 4th DICE Innovation Exhibition 2018, organized by Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), came to its end. It was declared a successful event, where many talented students displayed their research projects.

Vice Chancellor DUHS Prof. Dr Saeed Qureshi, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Masroor, Chairman of DICE Foundation, Mr. Khursheed Qureshi, Prof. Dr. Zarnaz Wahid,  Dr. Sohail Hassan, Adil Jamal Akhtar, senior faculty members and a large number of students were present at the closing ceremony of the exhibition.

Industrialist, Sardar Yaseen Malik, who was invited as a special guest at the closing ceremony of Dow University’s DICE Health Innovation Exhibition, lauded Dow University’s efforts in organizing such an informative event. Whilst addressing the audience, he talked about how research in Pharmaceutical industry is very expensive, where world’s largest companies have invested as to gain mutual interest, but yet it is proving to be rather futile.

He also shed light upon how medications can be prepared with natural herbs in Pakistan and India, and indicated that it would be an affordable research, wherein desired results can be obtained, as the raw materials are readily available.

After witnessing an increased number of females in the medical field, he emphasized upon establishing more medical colleges for boys, as to balance the ratio of both boys and girls within the medical science sector of Pakistan, to induce impartiality at a National level.

He also added that the authorities should work towards establishing a modern day care center at Dow University, so that women with young children can be at ease.

Furthermore, he stated that, “Conducting researches and making their prototypes are two different things, while practically implementing it is an entirely different thing. We now need to focus on the practical use of it on an industrial level.”

In appreciation, he added that the amount of work Dow University Research Sector has been doing has no comparison in Pakistan; and that the level at which this Research Exhibition was held predicted that Dow University would soon be known as Dow DICE Medical University.

Speaking on the occasion, VC DUHS Dr. Mohammad Saeed Qureshi discussed how with Dow University and DICE Foundation’s participation, the 4th All-Pakistan Health Sector Innovation Exhibition became a mega event. He added that the next DUHS DICE will take place in 2019, and will be bigger than ever.

Prof. Mohammad Masroor, whilst addressing the audience added that Dow University has fulfilled its responsibility of promoting culture of invention in Pakistan, fulfilling the expectations of students who are duly involved in research-based studies. The exhibition’s Shark Session also appeared to be successful, with the collaboration of academia and industry, and could play a vital role in improving national economy.

Chairman- Dice Foundation, Khursheed Qureshi, stated that, Google, Apple, and companies like Amazon who have generated billion dollar businesses, reached this level from a garage.

The students who presented their projects with full confidence might seem small, but they have the ability to make billions of dollars.”

October 17, 2018

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