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70% children in Pakistan unvaccinated: Prof Memon


KARACHI– President, Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA), Center, Prof Dr Iqbal Memon has revealed that over 70 percent children still remain deprived of.routine vaccination in Pakistan annually and elimination of various vaccine-preventable diseases will not be possible until we bring the routine vaccination coverage level to atleast 85 or 90 percent.

Prof Iqbal Memon said federal and provincial governments have devised a plan to bring up routine vaccination coverage in the country, under which following steps have been recommended and must be taken to eliminate polio and other crippling diseases, which include; are; re-activation of Expanded Program on Immunization centers, improving the performance of vaccinators, motivation of parents to bring their children for routine vaccination in centers and rising awareness level among general public.

He said; significant number of children can be saved from dying and life-long disabilities through better vaccinations coverage. He said only 28 to 30 percent children have been vaccinated in the country despite the many steps , taken by governments, while the rest of children  remain deprived of vaccination, due to lack of awareness and socio- cultural barriers.

He informed that the current ratio of vaccinations coverage is 35 to 40 percent in Sindh, while rest of children remain deprived of vaccination in the province due to ignorance and other issues. He said; dream of a healthy society could not come true in the country till we bring the vaccinations coverage from 85 to 90 percent. He said; children deprived of vaccination, pose serious risk of spreading diseases among those who were already vaccinated.

He said; Low trend of routine vaccination in the society is the major reason behind the reporting of big number of polio cases in the country last year. He said; door to door special campaigns are not a solution of all problems and people should realize their responsibilities in this regard.

Prof Memon advised all segments of the society to play their due role for increasing the vaccination coverage in the country, in order to prevent children from dying and disability in future.

January 14, 2015

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