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A Worldwide Health Disaster: Tuberculosis

Diagnosis – Tuberculosis. Medical Report with Composition of Medicaments – Red Pills, Injections and Syringe. Selective Focus.

Did you know that there is a list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria released by World Health Organization which is considered to be greatest of health disasters? You will also be shocked to hear that TB, or tuberculosis is not in the specified list. Nor is there any mention of Mycobacterium tuberculosis which is what gives way to TB in the first place.

What needs to be realized is that TB can become the bane of human existence. The reason why is that not only does the bacteria pose a life-threatening condition to the one who acquires it, but also spreads through the wind making sure that contamination is widespread.

There’s more, tuberculosis is also the major reason for death among places where HIV/AIDS is common. It is what kills most people suffering from the HIV/AIDS virus. Some of the worst side effects of TB include rapid weight loss, uncontrollable coughing, feelings of tiredness and pain in the chest.

TB can be fatal if not treated in time with antibiotics, which makes it even more concerning as to why it is not part of the WHO’s list. Here are the top reasons for why TB should be handled with the care and seriousness it demands.

Deadlier than AIDS

This may come as a surprise but tuberculosis can be more dangerous than HIV virus or AIDS. Why? Because it can be caught merely by breathing in the same room as the person who is infected. It has been estimated that nearly 2 million people die of TB each year and the figure seems to be rising.

Inexpensive Treatment

TB is one of those disease that have inexpensive and definite cure. But the problem is people are either diagnosed with the disease too late or are unable to continue using medication. And when the treatment is left in the middle, tuberculosis bacteria becomes even more powerful.

Can become Drug Resistant

TB bacteria can quickly become resistant to drug if not treated in one go. The treatment itself is vigorous and needs to be followed with vigilance for the disease to end completely.

Lack of Research and Funding

Even today, TB is diagnosed and treated with 110-year old tests and methods. Since there are no new researches, the disease continues to spread like wildfire. Newer methods of diagnosis and treatment need to be implemented.

It is essential that tuberculosis be given the attention it deserves before it starts wiping off humanity in greater numbers still.


April 5, 2017

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