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Active Implementation of Sindh Mental Health Act 2015; “Healthy Minds Produce A Healthy Society” -Vice Chancellor, SMBBMU

LARKANA- Vice Chancellor, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University (SMBBMU), Larkana, addressed a seminar based upon the importance of Sindh’s Mental Health Act 2015, by stating, “Healthy minds always produce a healthy society, and psychology is a very important department, but is neglected.”

As per the implementation of this Act, people suffering from psychological disorders will be considered equally as other regular patients.

Prof. Badaruddin Junejo, Chairman Department of Psychology, stated that, the purpose of this program was to inform and educate the relatives of the affected patients that they can also be treated and can play their respective roles in building a healthy society.

He emphasized upon those, who were trying to commit suicide, and that they should be brought to the psychology doctors for proper treatment, instead of sending them behind bars.

Superintendent of Police, Mr. Babar Javed, added that the people suffering from mental disorders are also human beings and according to human rights they also deserve proper treatment instead of fastening them with chains.

He said he will try to introduce a post at every police station, providing a mental health specialist to overlook troubled prisoners.

Dr. Ali Gul Tunio said that, the increase of crime and suicide within our society is due to increasing mental diseases among the youth.

He added that, psychological patients deserve sympathy, and not anger.

Former Senator Dr. Karim Khawaja discussed that, if one’s mind is healthy then their body will also become healthy.

According to him, deadly diseases are born from mental disorders, and it is our mind that has made us an Ashraful Makhlooqat.

He also added that Sindh is the founder province of Mental Health Act in Pakistan, which was passed by the Sindh Assembly in 2015, and should be implemented in letter and spirit.

The event was largely attended by renowned professors, doctors, students and civil society members.


September 10, 2018

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