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AKU open and admitting all patients

KARACHI: The Aga Khan University Hospitals (AKUH) and its nationwide network of services remain open for all patients.

The main hospital at Stadium Road is open for all patients with all illnesses. Their clinics, admissions for planned surgeries, and other services are open, continue uninterrupted, and their doctors in all specialties are seeing patients.

Additional safety precautions based on strict infection control guidelines are practices to ensure that their facilities are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

The patients are coming to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms for screening, testing or treatment are taken care of physically separate areas of the hospital. Separate spaces have been specifically set up to take care of COVID-19 patients effectively.

When COVID-19 beds are occupied, they cannot safely accept more patients due to which hospital emergency area specifically set up for COVID-19 patients goes on diversion. As beds in the COVID-19 area become available, our COVID-19 Emergency Department begins accepting patients again, and the diversion ends.

The AKU emergency department continues to accept other patients and is open.

-MN Report

May 30, 2020

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