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Anti-covid vaccine conspiracies are just theories: Infectious Expert

Karachi: The data combined regarding the strain of SARS-CoV-2 has been still unclear but the vaccine made can work effectively on all the strain of virus.

In an exclusive conversation with Medical News, Dr Najam A. Zaidi, Infectious Disease Physician at Morton Hospital, USA, shared that the clinical and epidemiological impact of ‘Clades’ or strains of coronavirus is unclear. He said, “Right now, the data combined is preliminary and theoretical. All the information gathered is around how the virus distributed after it left China etc. The rest is someone looking at the genetics and theorizing from patterns whether it is more infectious or transmissible based on mutation in certain genes.”

Will the vaccine works on all the strains of SARS-CoV-2?

Dr Najam said, “The vaccines mostly by making a spike protein that is a pathogenic element on the surface of the virus which makes it infectious- so taking this out by immune response takes out the virus – it is unique to virus and conserved across pathogenic strains so the vaccine works on all strains.”

Is it true that different strains of SARS-CoV-2 cause different symptoms?

Debunking the theory that different strains of virus cause different symptoms, Dr Najam said, “All strains can cause all symptoms- we think symptoms different in different patients due to differences in patient genetics, age, sex, mode of transmission and distribution in the body.”

Will the vaccine prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2 or mainly just protect against illness?

Dr Najam said that data has been under study to evaluate whether the vaccine help in lowering the transfer of virus among masses. He said, “The vaccines protect against illness; but whether transmission will be affected? Some data suggestive of that.”

Anti-covid vaccination theories

The theories of 5G and microchip insertion via vaccines have been circulated among social media platforms. Dr Najam said that one should not believe in such misinformation. He said, “5G and microchip theories exist for a lot dumb things – there is currently no technology that can monitor individual patients and whereabouts. Currently, larger chips to monitor pets and children present but nothing small to inject invisibly into a 5cc syringe.”

“I think the cost and complexity of such a venture does not justify giving these 5G roaming chips to every individual on the planet.”

-MN Report


December 5, 2020

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