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Baqai Discusses Frozen Shoulders in 7th CME Programme


KARACHI – Baqai University Hospital, Nazimabad, Karachi recently held its 9th CME program of 2017. The program organizer Dr .Zafaryab Hussain Assistant Professor, Chest Medicine, welcome participants, and speaker at the start of program.

Regarding the topic “Frozen Shoulder, how can we defrost it” he said pain and limitation of shoulder movement is a common presentation of middle age patients, male or female equally affected. Early treatment and physiotherapy give early recovery.

Professor Shahid Ilyas, HOD Orthopaedics, of same hospital talked about management of Frozen Shoulder. He said that it is a painful and gradual loss of shoulder movement. It is also known as Rotator cuff disease, stiff shoulder, or periarthritis scapulae. Patient is usually between 40-60 years age. There is pain in deltoid region with limitation of shoulder movement, more at night and finally stiff shoulder and no pain. There is no special investigation like MRI, CT Scan shoulder, or any blood test, and even CP, ESR and X-Ray shoulder are normal.


Patient may have co-morbidities like Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperlipidemia, Cardiac Disease, Hemiplegia, or Hyperparathyroidism etc. treatment is with good analgesics, and antiiinflamatory oral Tablets and good Physiotherapy. In severe cases intra articular injection of steroids can be tried. Hydrotherapy, arthroscopic release and suprascapular nerve block are not recommended options.

Then the lectures were followed by an interactive discussion in which it was made clear that muscle relaxants alone should not be given and  may be used with strong, yet safe analgesics. Lastly a vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Zafaryab Hussain.

October 12, 2017

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