Breakthrough drug cures Dengue Fever

dengue-fever Results of a two year phase three human clinical trial into 98aliveTM’s efficacy in treating dengue fever have been so positive that experts are now suggesting the drug be adopted as the standard treatment for the deadly virus in Indonesia.

Conducted by 12 leading scientists at Indonesia’s Airlangga University, the trial found the active ingredient in “98 alive TM” decreased the viral load of all four strains of dengue fever at a rate of 96.67%.

It’s a significant breakthrough in treating one of the world’s most prevalent communicable diseases, with the trial’s Principal Investigator Professor Nasronudin stating it’s achieved what many international health organizations have been trying for decades.

“This finding is an innovation in treating dengue fever which up until now has had no vaccine or treatment therapy available,” Professor Nasronudin said. “Not only did it show

98aliveTM has antiviral activity against the dengue virus, but results also indicate that it strengthens the immune system. Patients treated in the viral load group showed CD4 and CD8 cell together increase of around 64.4%.”

Privately funded by the product’s discoverer and developer, Australian based company 98 Alive Pty Ltd, the double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled trial involved 530 patients in whom dengue infection was shown by Ns-1, IgG and IgM positive detection. It found that at a dosage of 300mg twice daily, 98aliveTM significantly reduced the symptoms of dengue fever by day three, with symptoms having disappeared by day five.

98 Alive Director and product developer Professor Max Reynolds states the results of the trial, which was approved by the Medical Research Ethical Committee of Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya and supported by five hospitals and 10 primary health centres, prove it to be a viable treatment for dengue.

“We are strongly suggesting to the Indonesian government that 98aliveTM be adopted as the standard treatment for all four strains of the dengue virus nationally,” he explained. “No other product has produced the same results that we have and with 98aliveTM having no side effects, we can’t see any reason why it can’t be the primary treatment against dengue fever in Indonesia.”

A patented formulation of Melaleuca alternifolia leaf extract that uniquely contains 98 separate molecular structures, 98aliveTM was developed by 98 Alive to strengthen the immune system against a number of diseases. The medicine that’s 98 individually patented compounds means it can’t be replicated by any other company, works by regulating the immune system and strengthening the recipient’s ability to fight the viral infection.

A disease transferred to humans through A.aegypti mosquitoes, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), dengue fever is estimated to affect 100 million people every year with 2.5 billion people now living in areas where transmission occurs.

These clinical trials, conformed to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. Dengue fever has been projected to increase even further over the coming years as global warming causes the habitat for mosquitoes to expand, That’s why it was so important to develop a viable treatment, particularly given the fact that many at-risk countries such as; India, Indonesia, Africa and all of Asia and South America suffer high fatality rates due to current therapies not being affordable, effective or easily accessible.”

The trial’s results are consistent with the results of 98aliveTM’s Dengue Fever Phase One and Two Clinical Trials, the first of which was conducted in 2009 in Jogjakarta by Gadjah Mada University and the second of which was also conducted in 2009 at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Research into 98aliveTM’s impact in treating dengue fever dates back to 2007 when Professor Reynolds and 19 internationally leading scientists attended a three day forum at Griffith University in Australia to discuss the beneficial properties of Melaleuca alternifolia leaf extract in treating a range of population health issues.

“We have been researching and conducting trials on 98aliveTM for 12 years in Australia, the United States of America and Asia in order to verify its efficacy in treating and preventing a number of prevalent illnesses,” Professor Reynolds stated. “Through this credible evidence and research which has been undertaken by independent scientists and facilities, we now have what we believe to be a treatment for dengue fever that can be mass produced efficiently and affordably.”

As a result of 98aliveTM’s impact in treating dengue fever, the company is now conducting further research into whether the product’s unique immune strengthening properties are able to help treat other prevalent conditions such as HIV and cancers.

98aliveTM is currently available in Australia in three different forms, 98aliveTM Immune System Strengthener capsules, 98aliveTM Flu and Cold capsules and 98aliveTM Pain Relief Oil, all of which are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The product’s active ingredient is also currently going through the approvals required to be registered by Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control.

March 31, 2014

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