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Children are less likely to get infected with the coronavirus: Dr Tahir Shamsi

Karachi: Renowned Consultant Haematologist and Transplant Physician, Dr Tahir Shamsi told that the data collected by researches from all over the world shows that children of ages 12 and less are significantly less likely to contract COVID-19. When they do, they usually remain asymptomatic.

In a recent talk show, Dr Tahir said that people need to educate themselves before they believe any myths regarding COVID-19. “The basic thing is that we don’t have the ability to think and understand. We have surrendered ourselves and gave up critical thinking and adopted intellectual slavery. We are blindly following what the ‘White Lord’ has commanded and not for once think with our heads about right and wrong,” he said.

Dr Tahir explained that the chances of children contracting virus are insignificant. “The data collected by international researchers from children age 12 and less shows that those receptors through which the coronavirus enters and attack the respiratory system, are not formed or are underdeveloped. As the age progresses, these receptors are developed and fully formed by the age of 16.”

In the wake of Government’s announcement to reopen schools, Dr Tahir said, “The decision made [by the Government authorities] to open high school classes first, which included classes of 8-10, doesn’t make sense because this the population which are prone to COVID-19 the most. It is more reasonable to open schools of classes 6 and less, and then open high school classes.”

Responding a query on the second wave of the pandemic, Dr Tahir assured ‘that a second wave situation won’t rise.” He said that when herd immunity has been developed since around 60-70% population has formed antibodies, then the chances for the second wave becomes almost insignificant. “I will further elaborate this answer, that if 60-70 % population is working class, and if they have formed antibodies in their immune system, then why would we need the vaccine? The vaccine is given to those who are not exposed to a virus. But if more than half the population has been already exposed, then the need for a vaccine is very minimal.”

He further advised that it has been intimidated by the World Health Organisation’s latest circular that children less than 12 years can opt not to wear the mask. “It’s the children above age 12 that need to use masks for protection. Keep yourself clean and tidy which is part of our faith that we have forgotten as a society,” he said.

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September 12, 2020

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