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CHK Seeks DC’s Assistance in Vacating Illegally Occupied Govt. Houses

KARACHI- Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) administration has lately been facing strong resistance from former doctors, paramedics and other unauthorized individuals, who have illegally occupied houses allotted by the Government for the employees of the hospital.

In this matter, CHK management has sought help from the Deputy Commissioner (DC) South and authoritative figures of Sindh Health Department.

It was revealed that a total of 14 houses were illegally occupied and the occupants had blatantly refused to vacate them, despite the numerous official notices sent by the hospital.

Similarly, few doctors and paramedical staff that are no longer affiliated with the health sector are still in possession of the homes that were granted to them during their years of service.

Sources from CHK disclosed that these people had been using their connections with certain political parties to keep these houses.

These illegal occupants are also using hospital electricity, water and other facilities since several years.

As per the law, a government employee can stay in his or her government allotted home for a period of 6 months after retirement. Once the time period ends, he or she no longer remains authorized to claim or continue residing in that house.

The CHK accommodation committee has issued several notices to the illegal encroachers, but it all went in vain. As a result, the hospital management has faced an extra burden of paying off millions of rupees, annually, in account of utility bills and other formalities. 

Medical Superintendent, CHK, Dr Sabir Memon, alongside hospital administration has requested DC South and Sindh Health Department to take strict action against these occupants and get the homes vacated, as per the directives of the Apex court.


November 15, 2018

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