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Civic Institutions Fail to Initiate Fumigation Campaign in Karachi

KARACHI- Sindh Health Department and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) failed to start an Anti-Dengue Fumigation Drive in Karachi, despite the increased number of cases of dengue and malaria.

This delay by authorities is putting Karachi citizens’ lives at stake. The dengue larva breeding has rapidly increased due to city’s poor sanitation system, but no concrete step has been taken to control the prevalence of dengue, malaria  and other vector-borne diseases.

Sources at Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) mentioned that, KMC has been unable to launch the fumigation campaign over lack of funds. Although, Prevention and Control Program for Dengue in Sindh (PCPD) is conducting spray sessions in selective areas of Karachi.

Peak season of dengue has arrived in the city and will continue till December. Major sites of dengue spread are nurseries, graveyards, lakes, ponds, swimming pools, tyre shops, water pumping stations and hydrants, construction sites, waste and dump areas.

The administration of Prevention and Control Program of Dengue (PCPD) Sindh requested  the Mayor and Commissioner of Karachi to launch an anti-dengue and malaria fumigation campaign in high risk areas of the city before the arrival of monsoon season, to control possible outbreak of vector-borne diseases, but no positive response was received from the civic institutions.

More than 840 dengue positive cases have been reported throughout the province of Sindh, out of which 793 were from Karachi and 47 from rest of the province. A death was also reported in Karachi this year due to dengue fever.

Program Manager, Prevention and Control Program of Dengue (PCPD) Sindh, Dr. Abdul Rasheed Sheikh stated that, fumigation in the city is sole responsibility of KMC, meanwhile PCPD management is only carrying out sprays in selective areas. He also urged to hold awareness sessions in high risk areas for Karachi citizens.

October 8, 2018

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