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CME hours required for renewal: PM&DC


Islamabad: The Pakistan Medical & dental Council has revised criteria for Continuing Medical and Dental Education (CME/CDE) for Medical and Dental Practitioners in Pakistan.  According to its notification the Management Committee of PM&DC noted that the concept of CME/CDE is gaining wide-spread international recognition and needs to be implemented in Pakistan too. This will serve as a tool for not only helping in updating a doctor’s skills but also serve to repose greater trust of the public in the medical/ dental profession.

The PM&DC as a regulatory body did attempt to start this process but there have been numerous difficulties encountered by the doctors in meeting all the requirements that were laid down for getting accredited CME/CDE points. The system needs to be modified so that it is more “user-friendly” and gradually be built up to rigorous international standards. This process may take up to 10 years but looking for shortcuts will cause it to fail.

Non-specialists will require a total of 10 CME/CDE points each year, Specialists (those with any registered postgraduate qualification) will require 15 CME/CDE points per year.Each year to be counted from 1st January to 31st December.

Once this concept of the need for CME/CDE points has been fully accepted by the profession, PM&DC can move on to include other measures of a doctor’s performance (the so called 360 degree evaluation) for getting the medical/dental registration revalidated. As UK is very near to implementing the concept of revalidation for doctors practicing in that country but the process had started well over 10 years ago, so the PM&DC shall also be aiming towards this goal keeping our country’s logistics in mind.

February 12, 2016

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  1. DR.ASIA AYAZ says:


    • Dr.rabia says:

      Do you think after this credits hours system will not be corrupted
      Previously people were paying and making certificates easily
      Even Pmdc is corrupted
      I this this accreditation is just a new money making scheme of Pakistan government
      Those doctors who are working in villages check them such a big burden they are covering for government
      Poor doctors working hard to run their families
      Stop this nonsense and do something that is really needed

  2. Dr Rukhsana says:

    How we count points?How many hours make 1 point

  3. Several Doctors are serving in various institutions ,, Their teaching Hours should be counted as the CME Points

    • Dr.Ghulam Haider says:

      there must be a test before renewal of 300 mcq from relevant speciality
      so that every body will remain update and continue to study.CMEs hours are
      now becoming means of earning money and these CME certificates are purchased
      now without attending the programmes.

  4. mansoor khan says:

    Aa.i think this is useless and no benift for docter or pt just gathering and no gian of knowledge only shosha

    • Shahmir says:

      No not tall ! This is beneficial and updating our self ,otherwise how able to know current research and medical technics so I think we have to appreciate this act.Thanks PMDC

  5. Masood Akhtar says:

    This and all such valuable interventions need an enabiling enviornment, an unbiased merit based evaluation from grassroots level is an initiation and with reforms in health sector this initiation cant take place so if UK took 10 years to adopt the system that does not mean Pakistan will be able to adopt within same period of time. PMDC better hire ibdpendent experts to prepare an inclusive qualitative report of UK’s change and adoptation model prior to start an in country debate.

  6. Dr Zaigham Mahmood says:

    Dear Sir,
    Needs to know the criteria for doctors working abroad fro PMDC renewal
    Zaigham malaysia

  7. Muhammad qasimuddin says:

    Those doctors who are abroad. How they will be evaluated in this regard. Will pmdc count their experince and cmes in respective countriers .or they have to trvel to pakistan for CMES to retain their names in register.

  8. Mohammad Quresh says:

    Stupid decision by very stupid persons.How aDoctor who performs his duty in remoot rural area will fufil this requirement.

  9. ghulam haider says:

    The requirement of CME hours is a totally useless exercise as it is not
    enhancing professional competency rather a money making method both by the
    PMDC and the persons who is organizing the CME activity.ALMOST all the participants after getting registration vanish from that activity and just receives the certificate at the end.No one take interest in lectures as majority
    of participants belong to another speciality having come for just certificate
    to fulfill the number of CME hours.Instead of this there should be an online MCQ
    test of 300 questions related to that speciality if PMDC is really sincere with
    medical profession and professionals.

  10. Ghulam Abbas says:

    There are problems relating CME
    1 which CME is acceptable
    2 when and where the CME will be organised
    3 PMDC web site must have information regarding CME where, when and registration time

  11. Aniqa says:

    Nice trial
    Good effort

  12. Dr Fazal Ghaffar says:

    This is really a great postive step to keeps doctors updated. Even for renewal registration ,PM&DC should consider the insurance for malpractice .

  13. Imran says:

    How the doctors working out of Pakistan will get these points for their renewal,,, plz reply,,,

  14. Mansoor says:

    A big non sense bu unfortunate dictator nature of Pakistani in power. Oye khotey ke bacho The country which harbours millions of quakes. You want to deprive the nation from a few qualified doctors for your business of CME hours. Soon these hours will be for sales. Wake up and see the reality.


      Well,if PM-DC needs to have doctors’ financial support/aid then, PM-DC ought to increase the Registration Fee etc to 30%-50, rather than fucking them (esp.lady doctors) in that creepy way, ain’t a good idea?

      To release a statement/circular is that easy.

      But, if PM-DC really wanna improve the professionalism then, PM-DC must organize and arrange doctors’ CME training/assessment on Government level/Government Concern/Government Institutions in different cities and in foreign countries(if the doctor(s) is/are working abroad) caring for the constraints of doctors working in remote areas & abroad.

      Otherwise, my simple comment: ” WHAT THE FUCK “

  15. Dr.Nazir Ahmad chohan says:

    1. There must be facilitation to get CME hours for govt employees regarding leave for this cause. And
    Provision of specific institution to train the doctors for new technology
    2. CME hours should be deposited in account of each doctor in PMDC bank and ballance should be intimated to concern doctor through SMS .

  16. Dr. Muhammad Masood Ahmad says:

    Its a good step of PMDC to continue CME. I suggest the authorities that every DHQ and THQ hospital of the country should be directed to start CME in their hospital for its whole catchment area of Doctors.
    Dr. Muhammad Masood Ahmad

    • Dr. Temur Beg says:

      There is a need to improve the knowledge and skills of doctors. From long period, they are away from new things especially working periphery

  17. Just because something is used in another context does not mean it should be used here too. Look deeper, look at the benefits and the context; compare that with our own, and if it’s what we aim for as well then go for it by tailoring experiences had in other contexts to design one for our own.
    Without transparency and an inclusive leadership approach, we’ll all keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

  18. DR.MANSOOR TARIQ says:

    Good but need gradual imlementation.
    PMDC Should manage wrkshops at dstrict level on its own cast or nominal
    registration fee.

  19. s a khan says:

    Pakis hav to create hurdles for doctors!this is another one.kindly don’t issue registration to mushroom colleges n have the brutal policies fr doctors n let the other quacks free.before embarking towards this non sense check wt the UK is providing to doctors which u can’t in the next 100 yrs

  20. Rubina says:

    I think it’s a good decision bc it has been implemented almost ev where. But plz mention the protocol for the doctors working overseas. We need to take 30 come hrs per year for renewal of Saudi council regirteration in Saudi Arabia . Will they be accepted for renewal of pmdc too.

  21. Shahzada Ali Khan says:

    1)What about those doctors working abroad and wish to renew PMDC registration.
    2) 10 or 15 points are equal to how many hours?

  22. jansher says:

    pmdc is extremely lazy ,slow and backward clerical takes months for renewal of registration.pmdc has no control on practice of quacks. has no idea about the life of doctors, and lack of any mechanism to provide literatues or guidelines to its registered practioners.
    this cme/cde is only to mint money from doctors.
    i would suggest to start this cme/cde rule also for quacks atleast mandatory 5 credit hours, this will increase pmdc income.

  23. Dr Majidah says:

    No doubt that the concept of CME/CDE is gaining wide-spread international recognition and needs to be implemented in Pakistan too!
    But don’t we need to improve the level of our hospitals to the INTERNATIONAL LEVEL first…….
    attending conferences does not make good doctors,implementation will only be possible if we work on these new and latest technologies….
    but unfortunately our government hospitals are working in stone age…..
    in my opinion improving the condition of hospitals will it self improve doctors and the cream doctors don’t have to leave this country.

  24. Dr Mubeen Malik says:

    PMDC should a PRACTICABLE WAY to introduce this CME System. Full Stop.

  25. dr raja says:

    uk ka nizam rajan pur dgk pe apply kar dia jata he …infrastructure of health dept uk jesa ho to zaror karwae

  26. Dr Hamid Naeem Khattak says:

    Rubish. We should have our own way of doing things.

  27. update me with the latests CME held in karachi

  28. DR ZEESHAN HABIB says:


  29. Dr. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    This is appropriate step towards improvement in Medical Professionalism.
    It is better to start comfortably with 5 credit hours per year for General Doctors and 10 credit hours per year for Specialist Doctors
    Most of doctors working in Government Health Departments have different departmental trainings which may be given Credit Hours after establishing Standard SOPs by PMDC.
    Some institutions are charging good amount of money in name of Registration Fee for attending seminars / training workshops etc for providing Credit Hours, which should be relaxed or waived.

  30. Dr. Noor a shaikh says:

    Ds wl be v. Difficult fr village areas where drs r in trouble. Pl make easy system that evry bdy shd get benift

  31. DR. KARTAR LAL. DODAI says:

    Now what is requirements for renewal of PMDC registration.

  32. Mahmood Yunus says:

    Registered medical practitioners doing degrees like MPH from recognized institutes should be exempted from this CME criteria

  33. dr.talibiqbal says:

    I fully agree with Dr Rabia.

  34. dr usman says:

    PMDC itself is a bunch of corrupt and non cooperative people and is a big example of mismanagement and corruption. Expect nothing good from this bullshit body

  35. Dr Nasim Shahid says:

    PMDC must help coordinate to organise CME accreted conferences by different medical colleges at District or Division level to fascilitate the doctors (both Specialist & non specialist).

  36. Dr.Shafqat says:

    No use of CME,s.
    It is just gathering,Doctors participates for attendance just.
    “Jabri Mushaqat” for periphri doctors.
    It will soon be declared that”kawa chala hans ki chaal apni bhi bhool gia”
    For God sake stop this time wasting activity.

  37. Dr Gul Mohammad Baloch says:

    For Doctors remote Areia Of Balochistan Very Difficult To Attend The Annually Cme In Long Distance City Like Karachi Or Quetta Therefore Must For Pmdc Arrange The Cme Trainng Centre In Each District Head Quarter Hospetal In Balochistan Annually

  38. Dr.khansaeed says:

    Thanks. It is good for the doctors to be updated,because scientific advances/ research take place rapidly day by day .It is the responsibility of PMDC to update the doctors with in their own resources & on the part of PMDC. Because PMDC gets fees.A doctor working on periphery how he will get cme.? If so he will be used/ persuaded by substandard pharmaceutical company.cme are not provided at FATA..Who will inform them.?when the cme will be tailored to doctors. It is wise to update the doctors through medical journals on monthly/quaterly/yearly bases.
    These cme hours who introduced, where is he, his honesty record,his intrust in updates or torching the doctors. Why not seminars /workshops/refresher courses for doctors.
    These are words to be thought deeply& in broughtbase/national intrust.

  39. Dr. Wali Muhammad Mujahid says:

    PMDC must clarify the situation and status of CME Hours required as some doctors especially who belong to PMA claim with refrence to PMDC officials that there is no need of CME.This is creating confusion in doctors.

  40. BEHRAMK KHAN. says:

    CME hours dramma, is another highprifitable business for most of private medical Institutes, with collaboration & share of Corrupt PMDC.please stop it & control quakery & medicine sale with out prescription.

  41. dr nasim says:

    Take mcqs exam before renewal of pmdc registration of five yrs
    System must b corrption free

  42. A good measure but PMDC must elaborate the opportunities and modus opprendi for collecting these CME points. At present there is no system available to general cadre doctors for fulfilling this requirement Moreover institutions must be advised to run some specific training to a considerable number of doctors for completion of this requirement.

  43. Prof S.Q.Nizami says:

    Online CME system shoud be introduced by PMDC. Also online CME hours awarded by international institutions and website should be accepted such as Medscape and NEJM. PMDC can introduce its own on line system which will be useful for doctors working in remote areas. Moreover doctors working in teaching institutions should be exempted from this ecercise as they ahve to keep thmeselves uptodate.

  44. Dr. Somia says:

    To keep the good will safe from corruption PMDC should arrange the CME conferences for free or a bare minimum registration fee, like Pkr 100 so that it does not become a burden for the doctors, and keeps the purpose alive.

  45. Dr Wajih ur Rehman says:

    Its a good concept. But it should very user friendly and must be on intetnet. There are problems in finding CME slots and then approaching them. Plus the departments having this facility start their own trade, monoply and malpractices of issuing fake certificates without atrendance. In past doctors had to move for hundreds of kilometers from their homes to earn CME credits.
    There must be a website of PMDC in which live lectures, journals, review articles must be present. Every doctor can log on to this page by using his own PMDC registration number. Credit points for each CME activity may be assigned. After going through this activity and solving the questions at the end, the CME credits can be awarded to that person. There must be a CME credits tracker for each doctor. This will facilitate both doctor and PMDC for fair record keeping. This practice is being followed by Medscape, Uptodate, Medpage,NEJM etc and is very user friendly and fair.

  46. Iftikhar Amjad Ali says:

    Sir what about those people who has already gained 10 CME hours in 2016.shall those CMEs be counted to fullfil the requirement for next ten years.please reply through email

  47. Bilal Dar says:

    In United States and uk CME hours are added just by listening the programs offered by many medical institutions on line , while going to hospital from home etc. Why we have to go to a seminar to get the credit hours. I have my self registered with many institutions like Havard medical school of public health. When the topic is complete you can get the certificate from your cell phone ; connecting to a printer but this is not applicable here in Pakistan.

  48. Nelofar Saleem says:

    How do i assess myself at end of year about CME credits att workshops n conferences had sent our PMDC no at the time registration n at the time attending these events

  49. Dr Zahid says:

    Dear Sir,
    Needs to know the criteria for doctors working abroad fro PMDC renewal

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