Constipation shows a bad life-style


Continuous constipation shows a bad lifestyle & unhealthy practices – Dr. Ghaffar Billoo

Many people complain of suffering from Continuous Constipation, which creates a perpetual form of stress and discomfort for the children and parents too. As a pediatric specialist – Dr. Ghaffar Billoo suggests that every adult and child in the house, must follow healthy dietary habits and a relaxed daily routine.

The whole family should; Sleep early, wake up early in the morning, have a filling breakfast (cereals, brown bread and egg). Go to the toilet after breakfast, Take maximum fluids throughout the day, Take maximum fruits and vegetables along with the daily meals.

Your diet should have a high-fibre content. These habits will protect the whole family from many serious diseases including; constipation and acidity. Avoid stress, tension and professional overload. A recent survey in Pakistan showed that; 70 percent of children in schools do not take regular breakfast. “How can they have a good lifestyle, without taking the most important meal of the day?” Asks Dr. Billoo.

May 22, 2014

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