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Controlling Cancerous Spread in Pakistan: Experts Call For An Immediate Ban on Smoking

KARACHI– Health Experts urged the authorities to place a ban on smoking in and around hospitals and educational institutions, also to stop sale of tobacco products including Paan, Gutka and Naswar to prevent various cancers and heart diseases.

The population of Pakistan is suffering from heart ailments and cancers, way earlier than people in the modern world, health experts disclosed. It was brought to notice that, women were suffering from breast cancer in their early 30s, while men were suffering with coronary heart diseases, both considered to be diseases of 50s and 60s in the modern world, due to their unhealthy lifestyle, poor standards of living and certain dietary and environmental factors.

Around 40-50% of cancers could be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles, avoiding usage of tobacco and improving hygiene, in and around the houses and workplace. People should pay attention to the advises given by health experts, as treatments of cancers, transplants and surgeries are very costly and cannot be afforded by majority of people in Pakistan.

These views were expressed by health experts, at the concluding session of 53rd Annual Medical Symposium, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), at Najmuddin Auditorium, under the title “Promotion of Health & Prevention of Diseases.” Experts from various healthcare facilities of Pakistan as well as abroad including United Kingdom, Italy and others, were included as speakers.

Executive Director JPMC Dr. Seemin Jamali and Chairman of the Symposium Prof. Iqbal Afridi presented shields to the guest speakers. Certificates and medals were awarded to the researchers who presented their papers and posters.

 Dean JPMC and eminent psychiatrist Prof Iqbal Afridi claimed that, less than 13% people in Pakistan enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, as many as 34% people lack mental positivity due to psychological issues, including depression and other mental conditions. He urged our community to live healthy lives, improve interpersonal relationships and attain mental peace.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Memon, Director and Clinical Oncologist, Atomic Energy Medical Centre (AEMC) at JPMC claimed that over 50% of cancers in men could be prevented in Pakistan by controlling sale of tobacco and improving levels of hygiene.

Aziz Memon, member of Rotary International added that, daily thousands of children die due to diseases, that can be prevented through vaccines, that are also available free of cost. Still, many choose the path of negligence and suffer. Government of Sindh has allocated Rs. 30,000 for every child’s vaccination but, only 32% of parents avail the opportunity.

Prof. Saeed Minhas, Orthopedic Consultant, expressed that an integrated health system begins with prevention of diseases and ends at rehabilitation. He urged the authorities to focus more on preventive care, and combatting diseases.

Prof. Almasuddin Qazi from UK stated that, even people in Europe and America fail to afford the costly treatment in cases of end stage diseases. He also warned, while resources were limited to deal with epidemic of infectious and non-infectious diseases, steps to evaluate the health of people should be taken vigilantly.


April 12, 2018

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