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Coronvirus Outbreak: Pakistani citizens’ health in China at stake

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) recently expressed grave concern about the Pakistanis in China, particularly students studying in Wuhan. More than 500 students are studying in Wuhan. The families of these students were experiencing severe distress owing to the coronavirus threat.

The PMA demanded the government to take the necessary steps to facilitate these students in evacuating from China so that their parents could be relieved of their worries. America, France, and Japan have already taken steps to evacuate their citizens from China.

The PMA had already issued a list of preventive guidelines for influenza and coronavirus. PMA requested the people of Pakistan to follow those guidelines. The PMA also reiterated its demand to the government to take strong preventive measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan.

“It is the need of the hour to established modern virology labs in at least at all provincial capitals, so that viral diseases could be diagnosed promptly,” said PMA Officials.

According to recent reports, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China. More than 3000 patients have been diagnosed with the virus, and more than 75 patients have succumbed to the ailment, according to the Chinese government.

The coronavirus presents with the same signs and symptoms as the flu. However, if it is not diagnosed and treated in due time, complications may arise, such as acute and fatal respiratory tract obstruction.

The preventive guidelines for influenza and coronavirus include consuming a healthy and balanced diet, taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, using tissue papers to clean your nose, and ensuring a thorough hand wash following contact with respiratory secretions.

If you are suffering from cold or flu, do not hug or shake hands with others, and do not share your paraphernalia like glasses, plates, cups, towels, mobile phones, pens, etc. Do not indulge in self-medication. Antibiotics should not be used in any viral disease. People should seek treatment from qualified doctors only. Doctors should wash their hands after examining each patient. Birds, animals, and poultry handlers should wear gloves and masks before performing their jobs.

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January 29, 2020

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