CPSP Convocation 2018

330 consultants, 90 specialists Conferred Degrees

KARACHI– As many as 330 Consultants and 90 Specialists of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) conferred degrees at its 52nd  CPSP Convocation, held in Karachi on March 30th 2018..

Chief Guest of CPSP Convocation, Governor Sindh, Muhammad Zubair Umer, in his speech paid tribute to all the graduating fellows and members of CPSP, their parents and spouses who took such good care in the upbringing of their children and, partners who supported their better halves, to attain such high qualifications.

He also expressed his gratitude towards the College Council for  inviting him at an institution, bearing an international recognition . I am the Chancellor of all Universities by virtue of being Governor Sindh, but have never come across a Postgraduate institution of Medical sciences, whose degrees and diplomas are respected and recognized by the West” he added.

He also commended the Democratic management of CPSP, where all fellows are regularly elected, and their elections are respected and implemented. He expressed his amazement over the examinations of CPSP which is being participated by foreign and western postgraduate medical specialists. Governor further added that, he feels honored to be among such an elite class of medical specialists of Pakistan.

He stated that with the rising levels of Pakistan’s economy, we would be needing more and more specialist doctors in our country.

Governor awarded gold medal to Dr. Rabia Ali, who won Maj. Gen. Iftikhar Malik gold medal in Histopathology.

President CPSP, Prof Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, in his welcome address, said that the people of Pakistan deserve and need comprehensive healthcare, which includes specialist healthcare from specialized medical manpower.

President CPSP invited attention of the guests to  Primary healthcare, which hitherto meant medical treatment for mundane ailments, as it excluded treatment of complex diseases or those requiring comprehensive care. The concepts of primary care physician was that of ‘First Contact physician,’ to provide treatment and coordinated care for all diseases, or in case if patient doesn’t have the means to visit the healthcare facility, could go for a referral to an appropriate facility and physician. Primary care should always be considered to provide comprehensive healthcare which includes specialist care too. He said it is the basic right of every person to get comprehensive medical care through primary care physician.

 Comprehensive healthcare, depends upon its ability to produce adequate number of competent specialized health professionals. Thus, this becomes the joint responsibility of all the stakeholders of our country to make coordinated efforts towards provision of comprehensive healthcare to all the people of Pakistan.

CPSP, as one of the stakeholders, will continue developing specialized medical manpower for the country. CPSP by now, has given the country over 20,000 fellows (consultants) and over 9,000 members (specialists) towards that end.

During 2017 alone, CPSP has certified and admitted 1,621 fellows (consultants) and 295 members (specialists) during 2017 and who would be getting their degrees and diplomas at 4 different convocations, to be held in three different cities of Pakistan, besides Karachi.

CPSP at present has 22,638 residents (trainees) in various stages, at 274 institutions, out of which 64 are overseas with 3,412 supervisors (193 overseas included).

All these institutions, within Pakistan and abroad, have been inspected and found to be having capacity to train and tutor our trainees in their respective disciplines, having a proper updated infrastructure. All these 3,412 supervisors do meet the requirements of having at least 5 years of teaching experience after post-graduation in their discipline and have participated in College developed mandatory workshops.

Prof . Chaudhry said that he is confident that CPSP has trained and tested its resident (trainees) not only in their medical specialization, but also imparted values of empathy, love for humanity, care and devoted attention to the ailing and to heal them, from all over the Country. The qualifying fellows and members would not only serve the patients with energy and competence; but would also reach the remotest parts of country, to extend their healing hand on all; rich and poor, illiterate and scholar, men and women, child and adult, city laborer and farmer in a village.

President mentioned that CPSP has played a leadership role in establishing Postgraduate medical education and specialist practice in Pakistan ever since it was founded in 1962, by 50 leading medical specialists.


April 13, 2018

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