Cyber knife – Free Cancer cure with latest technology in Karachi


For treating a deadly disease like Cancer at Jinnah hospital Karachi, the Patient Aid Foundation is operating a state-of-the-art facility with the world’s most expensive medical technology – Cyber-Knife. This cutting edge machine is providing Free-of-Cost treatment to numerous poor cancer patients everyday. This is the first of it’s kind initiative. Even some of the world’s most developed countries like; America, Britain, Germany, Canada or France, are not providing such facilities for free, to the general masses. This innovative machine is based on the latest technology for providing complete cure for a fatal disease like cancer. Giving details about this humanitarian initiative, Dr. Tariq Mahmood stated that; Cyber-knife is a Robot, which treats cancerous tumors. There are two main types of Cancers; one is the type which remains within one part or organ of the body, causing damage and disability in that organ. The other type of cancer begins in one organ but it spreads out to other parts of the body soon. Cyber-knife has the ability to treat both types of Cancers, however it is much more effective for the kind of tumors which remain within on organ or part of the body. Dr. Tariq Mahmood further stated that; This technology can treat any kind of solid tumor in the; brain, spine, prostate, lungs, head or neck. It simply takes two hours of Cyber-knife radiation therapy to completely cure any such tumor. The effectiveness and advantage of Cyber-knife over the other traditional radiotherapy machines is that; a patient cured by Cyber-knife faces absolutely no side-effects or reactions after treatment. Cyberknife uses special radiotherapy technique, which is operated by a Robot with unmatched precision and sub-millimeter accuracy in targeting the cancerous tumor, without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. Thus, most patients are completely cured after a simple two-hour procedure. Elaborating on this revolutionary, free of cost treatment model, Dr. Kamran Saeed said that; Cyber-knife has been installed within the Jinnah Hospital premises, but it is being funded and operated independently by the Patients Aid Foundation, without any monetary support from the Government. The Cyber-knife has been installed and operated with a purely non-profit and humanitarian objective. The poorest of cancer patients in Pakistan, who have no treatment options and are unable to surgically remove their tumors, can now get FREE treatment at this ultra modern facility in Karachi. They can easily get their malignant tumors removed from any part of their body, in a few hours. Dr. Kamran further said that such poor patients, whose tumors are not surgically removable are usually declared incurable and sent back home without treatment. In many such cases, the patients have no option but to get a mutilating surgery that disables them for the rest of their life. The Cyber-knife Karachi can offer a truly delightful solution to these deprived and destitute patients. While the Cyber-knife is providing free-of-cost cancer treatment to the poorest of patients, the numerous qualified doctors and selfless medical experts operating this facility are not charging any fees from the cancer patients coming to the Cyber-knife facility.

February 13, 2014

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  1. Raza Ahmed Khan says:

    Assalamoalaikam:My Nephew aged 5years is sufferring from some kind of brain decease.His whole body shakes while walking.We got his thkrough medical check up at Lahore and Doctors diagnozed that he has some brain decease.Yesterday we watched a tv programme in which a doctor was explaining brain decease being treated using state of the art radiation technology which burns brain tumors with radiation.It is only in Karachi.Kindly help us and provide address,telephone numbers of hospital and if possible names of patients treated with this technology.Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Nosheen says:

    How to contact u

  3. khalid yousuf says:

    My sister is a patient of breast cancer and also has a brain tumer, after coming to know that cyber knife treatment is better than the brain surgery, she is now under the treatment of Dr. Kamran Saeed at Jinnah hospital Karachi, whole team has behaved very well, all necessary initial tests has been completed, and we are waiting for the the call for the doctor to initiate the treatment.

    • sajid hussain says:

      aoa dear i have a patinet of intestinal cancer i want to consult with dr kamran saeed please can u help me and give me any contact number of dr kamran saeed sb . i am from punjab so thats whay i dont know about him so please help me. my contact number 03216429449

    • sandal says:

      Is it free of cost?

  4. Haseeb says:

    Dear Sir!
    My 24 year old brother is suffering from Intestinal Cancerous Tumor. Which is treated in NORI hospital islamabad but not recovering…Can you Help him to come back towards life. We Being poor cant take him to anyother country etc. or some good hospital. Plz my email is
    contact; 0344-5064420. 03000889979. 03238522494.
    Plz Allah k wasty mery bhai ki madad kar dejye… i Beg you
    Naveed and
    Tauseef Ahmad.

    • khalid Jamal says:

      well, you may consult firstly to cyber knife JPMC Karachi, they are very co-operative, and the treatment looks effective, my sister has recently been treated for her brain tumer by them, now we are planning her next treatment that is chemo+Surgery as she has CA-Breast which looks the main route cause for brain tumer as well. khalid.

  5. Amanullah khan says:

    AoA, How i coctact you please help me. My brother suffering from BRAIN SPINAL TUMER . Cell# 03454040044.

  6. yasmeen says:

    Please tell us how to contact you

  7. nasreen attiq says:

    plz inform me a appointment way I belong in sheikhupura punjab I am worried about it my sister was suffering in brain teumer in cancer cases breast canser plz inform us immediately by cyberknife

  8. huzefa says:

    My uncle is suffering in troat cancer he is unable to bear such a huge expense kindly send me ur number so I could contact u yesterday my cousin visited jinnah for cyber knife but there was no any department.plzz reply he cannot eat any thing except liquid

  9. sir i m a optic nerve patient my optic nerve blocked by a poison thing due to which i cannot see since 2011 please tell me that s this techonology useful for me?or suggest me any treatment about blood cot in optic nerve kindly reply

  10. Nadia says:

    Aoa mry bhai ko brain tumer hai plzz any contact no mjy un ka case discuss krna hai plzz

  11. Anum says:

    Asalam alikum doctor i would like to discuss problem about mouth cancer of my khala…her mouth cancer is at second stage we operated from Agha khan her report will come on 31st may. Doctors are suggesting emo thrapy and rediation i would like to take a advice from u would u kindly give me a tym of 1st june to visit with reports

  12. Khurrambutt says:

    Please tell us how I can see your address and telephone number or email

  13. Ishaq says:

    People, please contact JPMC’s CyberKnife department instead of posting your numbers.

    Here is its contact number: 021-35140111

    They will require you to send the latest MRI/CT scans, Biopsy results, Medical history to this email address:

    Then their doctors will see if the patient should be treated by CyberKnife or not.

    CyberKnife machine in JPMC has been funded by this welfare organization called PAF (Patient Aid Foundation)

    —– Website:

    Please keep in mind that there is also an alternative machine that has same positive effect as CyberKnife, it is called GammaKnife. It is available at NMI Karachi. They can be contacted at:

    —– Website:

    —– Address:
    100/1, Depot Lines,
    Mansfield Street, Saddar
    Karachi-74400, Pakistan.

    +92 21 32259959
    +92 21 32230310

  14. habib ullah says:

    My sister had develop a breast cancer and operated her irnum Hosp peshwar. Now later on she was suffered in some liver cancer and operated in pimps islamabad.. Now she has in third category or stage of cancer disease… But we belong yo a poor family and could not continue further more… Therefore help us.. Allah wil give u the reward of it. My cell no is 03428080592..


    My younger brother age 46 suffering from brain tumors (GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORM grade 4) has gone throug biopsy on 1-6-2016. But the disease is growing.if this cyber nife can help in the treatment. Please let me know. A life is in danger please for God sake help me
    Contact number. ‭+92 315 6465638‬

  16. Excellent,

    With the pray that the administration and doctors can facilitate common and poor patients with full dedications

    One of my friend brother are suffering from cancer and have no financial background to face the expense of this disease .any buddy can explain the procedure that how can a common poor person can get the facility of this treatment

  17. hanif says:

    mara bhai k0 cancer kis turha c0ncet ho ga help me

  18. Asif says:

    Dear my father is patient of 4th stage lungs cancer
    And it’s also deposit in back bone plz advice me

  19. muhammad hashim says:

    I am suffering in colon cancer n i am under treatment in agha khan n dr told me now surgery not possible ad tumor found on vascular vein so surgery not possible so they keep me on chemotheraphy pls let me know it is possible treatment through cyberknife. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

  20. Humayun says:


    Dear My Father Is Stomach cancer 6th stage plz advise me.

  21. It is important to reiterate that my younger brother is undergoing critical treatment of Stomach Cancer.

    My younger brother age is 29-30 years

    Diagnosed:- CA Stomach

    This is to inform you that, 06TH chemotherapy cycle has been completed

    After chemo, oncologist advise for PET CT Test (Report is attached) and Tab Xeloda started last three months to till now.

    Presently Oncologist Dr Asghar (MMI-Hospital) advise no further treatment and he has no longer life, hardly 02 MONTHS.

    Please save my brother life,, kindly check at yr end, if any treatment available or any medicine for his can survive my younger brother life.

    I want to save my younger brother life, what you can help us for treatment on humanitarian ground.

  22. Mohammad Faisal Saleem says:

    Dear Dr.
    My Father in-law have cancer in lungs , earlier some week he was treatment (Radiation therapy from ziauddin hospital north campus (Cancer Dept) therefor suggest by Baitul Sakoon Cancer hospital , but un-fortunately radiation machine was not worked due to repair & maintenance , yesterday Dr.Javed A.Malik said me that you can this treatment will be from JPMC or KIRAN hospital, Sir please help me about my patient.

  23. Tariq Aslam says:

    Dear sir /madam
    Im from mirpur a.k I have a friend who has lung cancer , he is poor he can not afford treatment .can he be treated at ciberknife?
    For free pls reply if you can help.
    I would b very gratefull.
    Tariq aslam

  24. Sameena Awais says:

    Dear All, i am sharing this message as Sadqa-e-Jariya !
    One of my cousins had got cancer last year and that cancer reached to stage III. His treatment was started from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore but he was not recovering properly, we were very tensed and did alot of prayers but he was in a same condition. Then some one told us about a hakeem who has cancer herbal medicine which kills any type of cancer in a few weeks. We contacted that hakeem and he sent us medicines for my cousin. Believe me after 3 weeks his cancer backed to stage I and after a week more there was NO Cancer in his test reports, i repeat there was NO CANCER AT ALL! Alhamdulillah. His name is Hakeem Asif & his contact number is +923129857785.If anyone have cancer then i suggest that person to contact with believe me his medicine are really a magic.
    He can only be contacted through mobile phone. And please share this message as Sadqa-e-Jariya to help and save humans lives.

    • shafqat amir says:

      can any body help me to contact hakeem asif sahib, as his aforementioned contact number is continuously powered off. I am very much in need of his help.

  25. Zohaib Hassan says:

    Asalam o Alaikum
    How can I contact u… iam a patient of Anaplastic oligodendroglioma.
    Contatct# 03315022218

  26. Taj Mohammad / Abdul Sattar says:

    mera bhai mehda k khatarnak cancer may mubtala hae hamay private hospitals may elaj karwanay ki taqat nai hae keya aap hami madad kar saktay hain.

  27. Aaliya says:

    Dear sir
    i m patient of breast cancer last 3 yr. i m taking a treatment to INOM hp lahore. so i m will to visit Cyber knief hosppital karachi. how i can take appiotment to ur hospital. regards
    Aaliya Hashmi

  28. Taj m kan says:

    If any body have any contact no or email address of any one whoes guide me clearly i send him CT report and ERCP report they help me this hospital do this then i well come because i am living in Islamabad. Thanks God give u happiness in ur life.

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