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Diarrhoea cases go up in summer: Prof Raza

Diarrhoea cases go up in summer Prof Raza

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KARACHI- National Institute of Child Health’s (NICH) executive director and prominent paediatrician Prof Jamal Raza said that the number of diarrhoea patients in the health facility has also surged in the current heatwave.

“Growth of germs usually increases during summer as compared to other seasons,” he added.

“The number of patients visiting the institute’s outpatient departments (OPDs) daily has crossed 800 mark and majority of them are usually diagnosed as patients suffering  from diarrhoea, respiratory problem and dehydration,” he said, adding that generally between 500 and 550 patients visit OPDs every day, but with the start of current intense heatwave, the number of patients was continuously increasing.     
Attributing water-borne diseases, especially diarrhoea, to contaminated water, poor sanitary condition, unhygienic food, stale and overripe fruits, Prof Raza said that children aged between six months and two years are the most vulnerable to diarrhoea.
He urged parents to adopt preventive measures to save their children from seasonal diseases. 

July 1, 2015

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