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Dr Abdul Malik becomes the first Pakistani Headache Specialist  

KARACHI: Dr Abdul Malik, a Karachi-based Neurologist and Associate Professor of Neurology, has recently become the first Pakistani Headache Specialist.

Dr Abdul Malik completed his Master’s degree in “Head Disorders” from the University of Copenhagen. Before Dr Abdul Malik, there is no certified specialist in Pakistan treating headaches.

Dr Abdul Malik said that the majority of Pakistanis who suffer from headaches suffer from migraines. An estimated 10% of Pakistanis suffer from migraines, but not every headache is a migraine. He urged the people to avoid self-medication.

Dr Abdul Malik said that headaches are considered a part of daily life in our society, and the only treatment is considered painkillers. He said the patient should not take painkillers for a long time because it can be more harmful than headaches, and overuse of painkillers can lead to other ailments while it can also damage the kidneys and liver.

He said that despite complaining of constant headaches, the majority of Pakistanis do not take it seriously. He said headache should be taken seriously if you have a headache more than twice a week..

-MN Report

August 26, 2020

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