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Dr. Ruth KM Pfau CHK Gets Advance Incinerators

KARACHI– Dr. Ruth KM Pfau, Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) management has installed an environment friendly, Deep-Heat Sterilizer Machine (Advance Incinerator) for safe disposal of hospital waste.

This is the first time, all over Sindh that, an advance Deep Heat Sterilizer machine has been installed in a Government run hospital, for disposal of medical waste including disposable syringes, drips, urine and blood bags, needles, fluids and other waste that may harm the medical staff, visiting patients and the overall environment, not safely disposed off.

Additional Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ruth KM Pfau CHK, Dr. Arif Niaz stated that,  a strategy has been devised for proper and safe disposal of medical waste, and will be duly followed by the hospital staff.  He explained that CHK generates around 2500kgs of infected and non-infected  medical waste every 24 hours out which, 1300kg infected medical waste gets disinfected through a sterilizer under standard operating procedure (SOP). He further informed that 75 to 90kgs of medical waste gets disinfected in one hour.

He added that the old incinerator machine was generating pollution, causing harm to everyone around. The hospital’s disinfected medical waste is handed over to Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) for disposal.

Health Department Sindh has purchased 4 to 5 new Deep-Heat Sterilizer machines for government run hospitals and CHK became the first health facility that made it operational.

May 16, 2018

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