DUHS Organizes Seminar on Patent System in Pakistan

KARACHI– The Patent of Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan, in association with the ORIC Department, conducted a seminar based on Patent System in Pakistan, held at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS).

Assistant Controller Patent of Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan, Ms. Saima Kanwal stated that, the universities of Pakistan are far behind, not only from the developing countries but, also from the regional experts in inventions and registering patents. She informed everyone that particular laws have been developed in this regard and Technology Innovation Support Centers (TISC) have been established in 27 universities of Pakistan.

The seminar was also addressed by the Pro Vice Chancellor DUHS, Prof Dr. Zarnaz Wahid and Director ORIC, Mr. Iqtidar Siddiqi.

Ms. Saima Kanwal further added that, there has been an increasing trend in the legislation after the formulation of Patent Ordinance 2000 in Pakistan. Also, the suggestion for establishment of an inspectorate is under consideration. However, IPO Tribunals are also working on the establishment.

After the inception of the Patent Ordinance in 2000, the annual percentage of registrations raised from 80 to 100, which gradually hyped up to 800 to 1000 per annum in 2018. Whereas, copyrights have been increased from 3500 to 4000, industrial designs are elevated from 450 to 500, that of trade mark is upstretched from 30,000 to 35,000. Overall, the percentage of registration is still not up to the desired level.

She also added that, Patents are an agreement between its owner and the government. According to the new legislation of Pakistan, only a registered formula would enable the patents to be registered in foreign countries.

According to the law of World Intellectual Property Organization, registrations in USA can only be processed if it is provisionally registered in Pakistan.

She also mentioned about increasing the number of patents and inventions, with the help of Technology Innovation Support Centers (TISC).

23 universities including DUHS have developed TISC, whereas 27 centers have been set up at PCSIR and Sialkot Court Chambers of Commerce; in hopes of increasing research and inventions.

While addressing the students, she also emphasized upon availing opportunities, with the help of developed websites that have open access and are full of knowledge about these patent registrations.

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Zarnaz Wahid stated that, the Intellectual Property Rights is a moral as well as legal issue, and that it is not only important in the field of Medicine, but it plays a vital role in the Pharmaceutical industry too.

Director of Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), Mr. Iqtidar Siddiqi said that the Incubation Center is soon to be established at Dow University, and that it will help in introducing new ideas and innovations, proposed by students. This center will be functional at the end of the coming year. He also informed about signing an MoU with IPO Pakistan, under which TISC has been set active.

October 6, 2018

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