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Ebola, a potential threat: Prevention is better than cure

Ebola, a potential threat

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is growing increasingly concerned regarding the probable spread of Ebola Viral Infection Pakistan.
Ebola is an extremely dangerous, virulent virus that has recently claimed thousands of lives in Africa. As of now, the disease has been contained in a part of Africa with strict monitoring and surveillance by World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is diligently working towards controlling the spread of the infection, and preventing it from reaching other parts of the world.
PMA strongly believes that prevention is better than cure, and hopes that government will take adequate, effective measures to protect our population from the virus. Pakistan has already lost battle against polio and the increase in the number of polio cases has shown that our healthcare system has not been able to deal with the situation efficiently. The strength our infrastructure is questionable when it comes to dealing with any endemic that threatens the lives and well being of the people. 

The PMA has also stated that all entry and exit points should be monitored and no one should enter the country from affected areas without strict inspections and health verification. Our health monitoring system at airports at present is rather weak, making it near impossible for authorities to detect and isolate an affected individual in a timely manner.
According to the PMA, the Federal Health Ministry should work alongside the Provincial Health departments to curb the spread of this disease, and to raise awareness regarding its prevention among the masses. It is also critical that all Hajj pilgrims are screened at airport upon their return as they may have come in contact with an affected individual during the journey.

All private and government hospitals should be well-equipped to cater to the treatment requirements of an infected individual, if the need arises. All medical professionals should be trained to provide the necessary treatment based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

October 21, 2014

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