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Equipments Lying Out of Order – Spencer’s Eye Hospital losing its former glory

Equipments Lying Out of Order - Spencer’s Eye Hospital losing its former glory

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KARACHI – Spencer’s Eye Hospital being run under the administrative control of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has been facing acute shortage of medicines for the last couple of years.

Moreover, important diagnostic machines have also been lying out of order since long and yet the hospital’s management was unable to get them repaired owing to shortage of funds, it was reliably learnt.

The Spencer’s Eye Hospital which once used to be considered as one of the most reputed hospitals of the country for treating eye ailments was now fast losing its reputation and it is evident from the fact that patients’ turnout at the health facility had drastically reduced in the last five years.
An official of the hospital’s administration department, on the condition of anonymity, attributed the low turnout of patients to shortage of medicines as well as to the out of order diagnostic machines.

He said that since some major diagnostic machines, including Fico Machine, Yag Laser, Green Laser, etc., have been lying out of order since long, besides patients visiting the hospital’s different OPDs are asked by doctors to purchase drugs from medical stores as the hospital’s stocks of medicine had exhausted.

He said that the hospital’s management had been trying its best to take care of patients from its limited resources.

He, however, claimed there is no shortage of doctors, paramedics and nurses in the hospital.

The official deplored that though the hospital’s management has often asked the senior officials of KMC’s medical and health services department to provide required quantity of medicines and release funds for getting dialogistic machines repaired, all such requests have, so far, fallen on deaf ears.

August 11, 2015

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