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Experts Say, High Uric Acid Leads to Cardiovascular Ailments, CKD, Metabolic Syndrome


KARACHI- The 3rd International Hyperuricemia Summit was organized by the Hyperuricemic Advisory Council, an advisory body comprising of leading urologists, diabetologists, professors of medicine and endocrinology. This council has been striving to spread awareness amongst general public regarding the dangers of elevated levels of uric acid in the human body.

Eminent Irish Kidney Specialist, Prof Austin G Stack said that high levels of uric acid (or hyperuricemia) not only tripled the risks of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) but also increased the chances of Cardiovascular disease and stroke, making it an indicator of Metabolic syndrome.

Renowned Diabetologists; Prof. Zaman Shaikh, Prof Muhammad Mansoor, Prof Mashhoor Alam Shah, Prof Karim Qamaruddin, and Prof Muhammad Tasaduq were also present on the occasion, and answered questions raised by doctors and common people about Hyperuricemia.

Prof Austin G Stack added that, it was an old misconception that high levels of uric acid only causes gout. He discussed that physicians who treat people with gout should also look for kidney disease and hypertension, as hypercemia has emerged as a major factor behind causing Chronic Kidney Disease, which often leads to renal failure and patients immediately need to undergo dialysis, and in some cases even kidney transplants.

“Hyperuricemia is on the rise globally, including Pakistan, but unfortunately, it is the most underestimated risk factor for hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.” He also urged the physicians to monitor levels of uric acid in patients having kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Upon answering a query, he said that there is only 40 percent role of lifestyle modification in controlling hyperuricemia while in remaining 60 percent patients, it can only be controlled with the administration of uric acid lowering drugs. Majority of patients with elevated levels of uric acid do not adopt a healthy lifestyle and mainly just refrain from things that increase uric acid in their bodies, he deplored.

“Excessive intake of meat, especially beef, shellfish and certain leguminous food, in addition to consumption of alcohol, increases uric acid level in the body. Balanced diet can definitely lower the uric acid levels,” he added.

Diabetologist Prof. Zaman Shaikh claimed that uric acid had proved to be one of the components of Metabolic syndrome that causes cardiovascular disease and now has been linked to causing heart attack and stroke in people having other risk factors, including diabetes and hypertension.

He also added that sedentary lifestyle and excessive intake of junk food rich in red meat, and other unhealthy items results in hyperuricemia.

Prof Mansoor warned the audience that high levels of uric acid in the body were major causes of stone formation in the kidneys, which compromises their functions, often leading to Chronic Kidney Disease and renal failure.

October 17, 2018

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