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Filthy Environment Blamed – Conjunctivitis on the rise in Karachi: Dr Wasiq

Filthy Environment Blamed - Conjunctivitis on the rise in Karachi Dr Wasiq

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KARACHI – Prominent ophthalmologist Dr Qazi M. Wasiq has said that viral eye infection cases are increasing in the city in the wake of prevailing filthy environment and unhygienic condition.

Dr Wasiq, who is also general secretary of Pakistan Medical Association’s (PMA) Karachi chapter, said conjunctivitis is a viral eye infection and it generally spread with start of monsoon season.

Attributing the increasing incidence of viral eye infection to poor unhygienic conditions, burning of garbage on open places and air pollution, he said viral infections are mostly linked with whether and as such infected persons must take care of personal hygiene, avoid close contact with others and sharing towels with others.

He said that nowadays a number of people are visiting OPD’s of public sector hospitals daily with viral eye infection.

At the outset, Dr Wasiq, said that though viral eye infection did not affect vision, people should avoid self-medication.

“Conjunctivitis is redness and inflammation of eyes”, he said, adding that infected persons must wear sunglasses to prevent further complications.

He warned that self-medication and use of home remedies could aggravate the eye infection and hence citizens must consult specialist doctor to avoid further complications.

He advised people to use routine antibiotic drops if the infection is severe, but only after consultation with some eye specialists.

August 11, 2015

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