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Ganga Ram Hospital donates 8 dialysis units to Shahdara hospital

ganga ram hospital

Interview with the MS of Ganga Ram Hospital – Dr. Umer Farooque.

By MNA Butt

A famous hospital of Lahore, with a capacity of 900-beds – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) has recently donated eight dialysis machines to the newly built Shahdara hospital for its dialysis center.

This was stated by the Medical Superintendent of the SGRH – Dr. Umer Farooque Khan, while talking to Medical News. He added that; Philanthropists are helping generously to the hospital, due to which the hospital management decided to continue the noble gestures, by helping out the Shahdara Hospital (SH). The SGRH has thus provided eight dialysis machines to SH from its own donation fund.
Dr. Umer Farooque Khan has served at all big hospitals of Lahore since decades. He completed his MBBS from Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, in 1981. Later, he went to England and Germany, where he completed many specialized courses in health mangement systems. He has also acquired a diploma in hospital management and M.Sc degree from the Agriculture University Faisalabad.

Dr. Umer has previously served as the DMS at Mayo, Services and Lahore General

Hospitals, while he also served as MS at Jinnah Hospital. He also had the opportunity to perform his duties as a Medico-Legal Officer (MLO).

Medical News had put forward some questions to Dr. Umer, regarding his professional experiences and knowledge. He also highlighted some important facts about the health-care services being provided by SGRH. His responses to the questions are as follows:

Q: What is the specialty of SGRH in the provision of healthcare?

A: SGRH hospital specializes in FREE OF COST provision of Gynae healthcare, as its four Gynae operation theatres are consistently performing 70 to 80 delivery cases every 24-hours. The gynae cases are exclusively managed by qualified lady doctors only, without any interference of any male doctor.

Q: What is the strength of the doctors serving at SGRH?

A: A total of 750 well-qualified and experienced doctors are diligently serving in its 42 wards,  serving under 17 specialized departments. Thus this prominent medical institution is busy in providing FREE OF COST healthcare to almost 3000 registered patients, every day at its OPDs.

Q: How would you comment on the shortage of doctors at some major hospitals?

A: There is no shortage of doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram hospital, however, a severe dearth of teaching staff and Professors can be seen on the academic side of the hospital.   

Q: Is there any shortage of funds for running the hospital?

A: The Hospital is successfully running as its financial matters are being managed very efficiently and in a transparent manner. The hospital gets over one billion Rupees of budgetary allocations from the authorities. The philanthropists also donate generously to this hospital, due to which, we had the capacity and strength to donate eight dialysis machines to the newly built Shahdara hospital.

Q: Are you satisfied with YDA activities?

A: I do comment favorably on the YDA’s valuable activities, contributions and initiatives to improve the healthcare sector of Pakistan. However, due to the misleading political issues surrounding the Association, the junior doctors should maintain their patriotic image, respect their seniors and resolve all conflicts and matters through negotiations. Disruptions, fears or threats should not be allowed to prevail through frequent strikes. Political activity should not harm or disrupt the services and benefits being delivered to the patients.

The MS of SGRH – Dr.Umer Farooque also claimed that; a purchase cell has been established by the hospital management to streamline the procurement process of medical equipments and to make all purchases transparent. The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) had expressed its satisfaction over the healthcare services being provided in the hospital. SGRH would continue the journey of progress as it is committed to diligently serve the common people of Pakistan.

July 23, 2014

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