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Go Nature-Friendly, starting this Earth Day

What does nature-friendly/eco-friendly/environment-friendly mean?  Considering how the term has been in the limelight for it being need of the hour, it seems imperative that we educate ourselves on the matter.

Being environmentally friendly means to carry yourself or your personal or collective dealings with an intent of not causing harm to the environment; to preserving it, in fact even contributing to its prosperity.

More and more individuals and businesses are now focusing on becoming eco-friendly. Here is how you can you can be a part of change for the better:

SWITCH IT OFF- Don’t leave your electricals running or on standby when they are not in use. This is easy! This way you help the environment and reduce your energy bills. You have to admit, this is a win-win!

TURN IT OFF- Save water. Do not let water run needlessly. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, when scrubbing dishes; and take shorter showers.

BUY ENERGY EFFICIENT PRODUCTS- Purchase appliances and vehicles which exhaust much less fuel when switched on. The extra bucks on the friendly technology will

REDUCE RED MEAT CONSUMPTION– In doing so you would reduce your Carbon footprint. That is a huge contribution to the wellbeing of the environment.

[Note: Food’s carbon footprint, or foodprint, is the greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food you eat]

COMPOST- Use your kitchen waste as food for plants instead dumping it in the trash can. It reduces the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills which pollutes the air.

CUT DOWN PLASTIC CONSUMPTION- Plastic is extremely resistant to biodegradation. It takes up valuable space in landfill sites and is polluting the natural environment, having a significant impact on our oceans.

Ditch plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic bottles, and plastic cutlery for other eco-friendly options.

PLANT TREES- Trees are necessary for us to survive. They give oxygen, fruits, clean the air, provide shelter to wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. A shady landscape around your home can help you to reduce consumption of energy and keep your home cool even during summers. Plant small trees around your home, don’t cut them unless it’s necessary, work with local environmental groups to plant more trees and educate others about the positive aspects of it.




April 22, 2019

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