Health care systems should be part of Basic Curriculum

Health care system must be added in basic curriculum

Health care system must be added in basic curriculum

Any healthcare professional will agree that healthcare systems is a vague term which varies from one healthcare setting to another and from one country to another. This makes provision and creation of a universal healthcare delivery a tricky process. There are many reasons why these differences occur and even more so the dynamics involved. However, in order to understand and compare the healthcare systems, one must first understand what healthcare systems are.

A health care system is a conglomeration and organization of different healthcare professionals in various capacities to provide healthcare services to populations. These services are provided at various levels and through different channels, including government, unions, private sectors, charities, and even religious services. Accordingt to the kind of provider, the service provision varies.

The positive aspect of the contribution of many systems means that healthcare becomes all the more accessible. However, a downside is that each side may have a different approach towards healthcare delivery models, making it difficult for the stakeholders to agree on one common objective. This is probably why with the passage of time and increase in burden of health resources, the discrepancies and differences between the systems are increasing. It also means that many healthcare seeking individuals may fall within the cracks, finding no proper support system. The only solution is private sector in healthcare, but we already know the problems of cost with them. This makes it all the more necessary to understand the fundamentals of health care systems.

Unfortunately, healthcare system education in the current university programs are limited to courses in MBAs or other public health degrees. This means that an average student who enters in a medical college has no clue whatsoever of the overall healthcare structure except the one he or she is studying in. This makes it difficult for the student to look at the big picutre which influences his strategic decisions related to career. Only those who opt for an MBA, MPH or any other program in the capacity start to learn about the intricacies of health systems and policies.

To improve the healthcare systems of Pakistan and integrate them, the students must first learn the market they are workingin and not the segment alone. Not only this, the student must be made aware of the global healthcare systems. It may seem cumbersome at first, but for those who wish to work internationally, such knowledge may prove invaluable. Our stuck in the rut approach will not suffice if we wish to compete on an international level.

December 11, 2013

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