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Health experts laud law enforcement agencies

KARACHI: Health experts expressed gratitude to the Police Force and Rangers, who are helping doctors on the road every day during their commute to the hospitals and their homes. They are a great help to lady doctors at crowded checkpoints in particular.

”We are also grateful to the support staff who are working day and night with doctors to help patients and are saving the lives of people. The female doctors involved in the treatment and management of COVID-19 patients are extremely concerned about the current situation of patients, government policies, and the attitude towards this deadly disease.”

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Dr Nusrat Shah, Dr Nusrat Iqbal, Dr Farah, and Dr Razia Korejo appreciated the Sindh and Balochistan governments for working wholeheartedly for the prevention of the disease which spread by human contact in different gatherings. The Sindh government took the initiative to impose a lockdown and is determined for its implementation. We wholeheartedly support the Sindh and Balochistan governments for their efforts in the war against COVID-19.

They said our male colleagues conducted a press conference earlier, highlighting the dangers associated with this virus. It is spreading fast because people are not following preventive measures, and the government has failed to implement strict lockdown. All over the world, countries that imposed a strict lockdown from the discovery of the first case in the community are the ones free of the disease or have very few patients.

”It is the government’s prime duty to protect its citizens and implement preventive measures everywhere from markets to departmental stores and from playgrounds to religious centers. Every citizen of the country should understand that salvation lies in preventive measures. We should not compromise the safety of our citizens at any cost,” they added.

If the government does not impose a strict lockdown, the disease will spread like fire. People will remember those who did not use their knowledge and influence to protect the masses who will face death eventually if preventive measures not followed.

Lady doctors strongly feel that the growth of the economy and industrial development is not as important as human lives. Our poor people will suffer more than anyone in the community, they noted.

Doctors believe that our government and all affording citizens should help the poorest of the poor in the city’s slums and rural areas and provide them with food until the death of the coronavirus. It is time to invest in our poor citizens and not get worried about the economy and industrial growth. It is inhuman and immoral in this critical time that the government is leaving the responsibility of the wellbeing of its citizens on the shoulders of private organizations. The government must make every effort to provide food and necessities to everyone.

Experts noted that it is very heartbreaking to witness that some of our doctors, nurses, and health workers lost their lives in this battle. Every day we go to the hospital with the fear of testing positive and dying. Our government should not allow gatherings in the name of religion at mosques, temples, or churches.

They appealed that Pakistan should follow the other Islamic countries and has to be extremely careful during Ramzan and Eid. Taraweeh prayers should be stopped. Citizens should pray at home. This virus is not going away in a few days or weeks. It is going to be there for a few months, and we should prepare for the worst with the help of scientific knowledge and political will.

-MN Report

April 27, 2020

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