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HiTech blood Analyzer introduced in Pakistan

Hematology (Blood) AnalyzersS. Ejaz Ud Din & Co. organized a Scientific Program CME on the latest technology for Hematology (Blood) Analyzers, created by Sysmex. The guest speakers at the event were Dr Tahir Shamsi – Head of National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplant (NIBD & BMT), Mr Shen Yiru – Manager Marketing of Sysmex Asia Pacific and Ms Bernardo Baliwag – Scientific Marketing Manager of Sysmex.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tahir Shamsi stated that; Sysmex is a leading company producing Hematology Analyzer devices and components for diagnosing a wide range of deadly diseases. Accurate diagnosis is a critical factor in treatment or surgical procedure for any diseases. Previously, it was very difficult to diagnose many of the deadly diseases, as we used manual tools to analyze the complete blood picture. However, when Sysmex entered the Pakistan market during the 1980s it brought a ray of hope for the suffering patients and the doctors. Sysmex products enabled unprecedented convenience and accuracy in blood analysis techniques, to help the consultant in treating a wide range of deadly diseases.

A new software has recently been installed in the new Sysmex devices, which has made it possible to detect and diagnose the infection of Malaria in blood.

Dr. Shamsi further said that; Today, more then 3000 sysmex machines are operating throughout the Karachi city, to improve the diagnostic capabilities of the doctors and consultants. A new software has recently been installed in the new Sysmex devices, which has made it possible to detect and diagnose the infection of Malaria in the blood. Previously the conventional Hematology Analyzing devices were not able to provide such accurate diagnosis of Malaria. This new and effective device has proved to be very effective and helpful in screening of dengue & malarial parasites.

Speaking on the role of 3D automated systems, Dr. Shamsi said that 3D results with Sysmex are 100% accurate and provide the fastest procedure for Hematology. He also presented a study on different analyzing procedures to prove that 3D and Sysmex are playing a very positive role in Stem cell procedures also.

He said that we are expanding the utilization of Sysmex devices with 3D technology and exporting such new techniques  to other countries also. The technology is a powerful helping hand for the doctors and Lab technician, Although it is not yet able to replace the human expertise and judgment. However, this technology will expand the knowlegde base of our healthcare professionals too.

Speaking the occasion, Mr. shen Yiru – Manager Marketing of Sysmex Asia Pacific said that; Pakistan is making great advancements and has superceded India in several areas of medical and diagnostic sciences. Many medical professionals in Pakistan are highly proficient and Sysmex is proud to gain the trust of Pakistani professionals. Sysmex is a global leader in 3D Automation in blood analyzer tools and devices, which are enabling accurate diagnoss of many more deadly diseases. Sysmex is committed to provide innovative, accurate & authentic blood analyzing instruments to strengthen & equip the medical professionals. Sysmex is a 3rd Generation technology, serving the patients through more then 3000 devices which are functioning successfully throughout Karachi.

Ms Bernardo Baliwag – Manager Scientific Marketing, said that; Sysmex is a technology leader worldwide and thousands of Sysmex machines are functioning in most parts of the developed world. She made a presentation on the role of Sysmex in improving the diagnostic procedures. She expressed her company’s commitment to provide more innovative and evolved technologies.

Before the guest speakers, Mr Baber Iqbal – Business Unit Manager of S.Ejaz ud Din and Co. gave a welcome address, saying that; S Ejazud Din & Co. is among the fastest growing and technology leading company in Pakistan. It has diversified business operations to provide Laboratory and Surgical products. S Ejazud Din & Co. is committed to provide the most innovative high quality products to empower the  health care sector in Pakistan. Mr. Rizwan Feroz – CEO of S. Ejaz Ud Din & Co, commented that the company will continue to support CME programmes and Scientific seminars & symposiums.  

April 16, 2014

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