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Inappropriate disposal of garbage condemned


KARACHI – A health expert has showed concern over inappropriate disposal of garbage across Karachi and burning of waste at public places, which is causing the spread of various diseases in the society and increasing environmental pollution.

Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad – A renowned Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon said; Improper disposal of garbage and setting fire effluence in open public places has caused a high level of air pollution, which is not only putting thousands of lives at risk but also increasing the chances of contracting various diseases among people. 

He said; respiratory tract, nasal allergy, nasal septum, various ENT infections; asthma, skin, eye and lung cancer cases have been increasing day by day in the metropolitan city due to inappropriate disposal of garbage and burning of wastage at public places. Children, elderly people and women are more vulnerable to these diseases. 

He informed that; Karachi generates about 15,000 tons of garbage every day, out of which 8,000 tons are lifted and dumped properly, while the rest of the effluence is dumped carelessly or burnt at public places. A huge amount of garbage is being collected from industrial, residential areas, hospitals and other sources.

He informed that industrial and hospitals waste contains materials that are hazardous to health, thus the chances of various communicable disease increases if the garbage is not handled properly. 

He urged the civic authorities to properly dispose off the generated garbage and dump it at specified sites, to prevent different diseases. He recalled that the roads all over Karachi city were washed daily a few decades ago. Garbage can be lifted and the city can be cleaned if the concerned authorities show sincerety and honesty in this regard. 

He said; The dream of a healthy society could not come true until we improve the sanitary conditions of the city.  He advised the people suffering from different respiratory diseases to avoid unnecessary exposure to such sites where garbage is burned or dumped.

March 28, 2015

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