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Interview with Prof. Dr. Moazam Tarrar – Dermatolo

Interview with Prof. Dr. Moazam Tarrar

World Class Burns Centre at Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Costing Rs.1.26 Billion – The institution will be operational within two months

From MNA Butt

LAHORE, October, 2013: A state of the art Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Centre, costing Rs.1.26 Billion will be functional within two months in Jinnah Hospital, Lahore, where presently, there is no established burns Centre. This centre will be the sole institution in Pakistan and India to provide world-class treatment of burns injury. This was stated in an exclusive interview for Medical News, by Prof. Moazzam Tarrar – the Chief of this under-construction institution at Jinnah Hospital.

His expert opinion was sought on numerous challenges and developments in Dermatology:

Q: What is first aid in case of burn injury?

A: Immediately put the affected organ or limb of the body under normal flowing water, or dip it in clean water, for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will thoroughly cool off the internal and external tissues and prevent further damage of surrounding tissues.

Q: Which kinds of burn injuries are common in Pakistan?
A: Electric Shocks, Gas leakage and Acid throwing burn injuries are very common in the country.

Q: What kinds of surgery facilities will be available in this new centre?
A: Acute burn management of major burns in adults and children along with rehabilitation, Management of inhalation injury and facilities for curing electrocution injuries will be provided at this cutting edge centre.

Q: What is cost of treatment in burn injuries?
A: It varies from hospital to hospital and case to case. However, the Burns centre at Jinnah hospital Lahore will provide free of cost treatment to the patients. Some rooms will also be exclusively available for the wealthy people who can afford to pay for their treatment expenditures.

Q: What are the salient features of this center?
A: The main features of this centre include; outpatients’ department, clinics, rehabilitation services, pathology lab, blood bank, radiology, skin bank, academic & research centre along with other social services. The building is earthquake resistant, while Fire safety equipment and a helipad on the roof top have also been provided for emergency patients.

Q: What is the expected ratio of patients in the OPD and Emergency departments?
A: The OPD of this newly constructed burn centre will provide treatment facilities for around 500 patients per week, while its emergency will have capacity of around 100 surgeries per week.

Q: What will be the bed capacity of the center?
A: This center comprises of 65 beds for treating patients with various kinds of burn injuries, besides well equipped operation theaters.

Q: What is the strength of doctors and staff at the new center?
A: As many as 46 trained, senior plastic surgeons, along with some junior plastic surgeons, will be available at the center, supported by a large number of fully trained compassionate nurses, and competent administrative staff.

Q: How would you compare the standard of treatment at your center with similar institutions in the region like India?
A: We are far ahead of India in Burns treatments, there is no such modern facility in India. Moreover, the President-elect of International Society for Burns Injuries, belonging to India – Prof. Rajiv Ahuja has expressed his desire to visit this centre in Lahore.

Q: How many patients will benefit from this facility annually?
A: As many as 25,000 patients will avail this facility per annum. Patients are expected to reach the Burns center for treatment from all over Punjab province and even Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Azad Kashmir

Q: Are you providing any services to create awareness regarding prevention of burn injuries?
A: Yes! We are setting up an Awareness and Preventive Wing in the centre, in which, regular seminars and programmes will be conducted, regarding the treatment and precautionary measures to minimize the incidence of Burn injuries.

Q: What are the future plans for this centre?
A: We have elaborate plans to make it a truly world-class institution, promoting research and medical training for the future doctors and the wellbeing of patients. Moreover, we will establish similar centers in other major cities of the country too.

Q: How do you want pharmaceutical/philanthropic companies to help you?
A: We rely on the role of compassionate and proactive NGOs, to meet the running cost of the center, besides setting up a Board of Management, in which prominent philanthropists will be inducted as members of the board.


October 19, 2013

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