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Investigations launched to probe into forced departure of LUMHS medical team


HYDERABAD: An official notice has been issued by Mithi Senior Civil Judge Mr Fayyaz Rabbani to the Senior Superintendent Police Mithi; LUMHS’ Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Commissioner to investigate the reasons behind the medical team’s forced departure after it had reached to provide medical aid to those suffering in the drought-hit areas of Thar. 

An application was filed by Mithi District Bar Association’s 14 office bearers including President, DBA Bhero Lal; Mohan Lal Mantharani and Hamlesh Kumar, in response to which official investigation notices were issued to concerned persons.

The respondents were be required to appear in court to clarify and elaborate reasons why the LUMHS team was forced to leave right after arriving in Thar on the 11th of December to provide ailing patients with medical aid and treatment.

Applicants stated that strict measures would be taken against any respondent found guilty, and that no stone will be left un-turned during the investigation.
Background: Various areas of the Tharparkar district have been experiencing harsh drought conditions that have led to the death of hundreds of men, women and children due to lack of medical facilities and the malnutrition.

Recently, a LUMHS team set out to address the treatment needs of those suffering in Thar. According to officials, the team comprised 200 doctors including 140 female undergraduate – and postgraduate – level students, senior doctors, deans of faculties, and renowned doctors of Hyderabad. The team, divided into smaller groups, reached Thar on the 11th of December to cater to the needs of the people in different talukas.

However, a short while after they had reached their designated areas, the Vice Chancellor was asked by the area’s police officials to leave along with the entire team before sunset.

Team members stated that they were threatened to abandon their mission and leave immediately. It is for this reason that an application was filed to conduct an investigation into the matter.

December 16, 2014

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