Isra University celebrates the graduation of 249 students

KARACHI: the 5th Convocation of Isra University (IU) was recently held with full zeal and enthusiasm. The event was presided by Dr Asadullah Kazi, Chancellor, Isra University. , Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Shaikh, Vice-Chancellor, Isra University was also present besides the dignitaries, faculty members, parents, and a large number of students in the occasion. The Isra University conferred degrees to around 249 students belonging to Medical Sciences, Vision Sciences, and Physical Therapy.

Prof Dr Asadullah Kazi while addressing the audience said that everything changes with time, except for the change itself. “We live in an age of innovation and change, and in such an age, universities have a special obligation. They must hold fast to the best of the past, and do more for the best of the future,” said Dr Asadullah

Prof Kazi said that, “We must get ready for globalization, which is like the river that has burst its banks. He advised that we must learn swimming or else we will drown.”

As a parting message to the students, he said, “Work hard to achieve your goals. I want you to become great, as we are optimistic about you. You are the leaders of tomorrow, so get yourself ready to address the challenges of the future.” He went on and reminded the students about their goals as educated citizens, “to uphold the image of your country, by letting the world know that we are a peaceful nation.”

Furthermore, in his address, he accentuated the importance of education and said that learning is a lifelong process that continues from the cradle to the grave. He urged the students to be competitive and participative to extend their knowledge. “There can be no development without participation, and there can be no participation without communication, in this age of digital literacy,” Kazi said.

On this felicitous occasion, Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Shaikh, in his address, said that the primary purpose of such events was not only to confer degrees on the students but also to honor those who have performed meritoriously. “This day will remain in the memory of many for long, especially the students, the parents, the faculty, and the administration,” he added.

He congratulated the graduates and said that the position and status of today demanded a more humble, humane approach and positive attitude to your fellow beings, loved ones, and humanity at large. “Use the skills that you have acquired now and will acquire in the future, for the betterment of the less privileged in our society, and extend your hands to anyone who needs it,” Rashid said.

Dr Abdul Rashid stressed, “It is time that you should set for yourself a set of values that distinguishes you from the rest of the people around you. Time is a precious commodity. Do not waste it, and the values will earn you dignity and respect in society.”

Dr Shaikh highlighted the importance of female education, “I earnestly desire our female students to be pro-active in their future life. You should not waste your skills and professional knowledge by sitting idle at home. You should come out and work alongside male professionals because the nation needs your services more.”

He mentioned a report which suggested that 85,000 female doctors in Pakistan were not working after receiving their education. “This certainly is an alarming figure, and I hope you will not be among those adding to this number,” he added.

In the end, gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to outstanding students for securing positions in their relevant faculties and departments. This year, Ukeer Fatima, a graduate of the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) program, Shari Musadiq Ali, a graduate of the BS (Bachelor of Science) Vision Sciences program, Muhammad Usama Sheikh, a graduate of the DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) program, received gold medals. Silver medals were awarded to outstanding students, including Farukh Sahar and Faryal Abbasi, graduates of the MBBS program, Nimra Anwar, a graduate of the BS Vision Sciences program, Samra Noureen, a graduate of the DPT program. The bronze medal was awarded to Khizra Rabbani, a graduate of the MBBS program, Samreen Brohi, a graduate of the BS Vision Sciences program, and Sanam, a graduate of the DPT program.

Besides the dignitaries, other faculty members, parents, and a large number of students were present on occasion.

-MN Report

February 14, 2020

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