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IUBC Protests Against Ongoing Corruption in Isra Hospital

HYDERABAD: The Isra University Bachao Committee (IUBC), recently staged a protest demonstration in front of Isra University Welfare Hospital, against the Kazi Brothers for subjugating the university’s authoritative staff and operating the university on their own terms.

Numerous political parties and organizations, including Sindh United Party (SUP) and Sindh National Tehreek (SNT) attended the demonstration and held a march, while voicing out slogans against the Kazi brothers and their ways of running the university.

IUBC representatives, including Ashraf Noonari, SUP’s Abdul Aziz Phul, SNT’s Lala Qurban Sodhro, Mir Allahdad Talpur, Dr. Uzma Jokhyo, Akhtar Sindhi and others claimed that, the Kazi brothers have made their fortune by building assets worth billions of rupees from this charitable institute and Zakat funds, and have now turned this charitable hospital into a private enterprise by charging hefty fees from patients visiting the facility.

One of the representative added that, the hospital has now become one of the most costly hospitals of Sindh, where treatment of poor patients has become financially impossible.

He maintained that low-grade employees and nurses were still not regularized, even after 10 years of their services. Despite of making a lot of money, the helping staff is still underpaid.

Moreover, Mr. Abdul Aziz Phul added that Isra University Hospital has been violating rules set by Pakistan Medical and Dental council (PMDC), with regards to admission fees.

He informed that, PMDC has allotted 100 MBBS and 50 BDS seats, with the annual fee of Rs 675,000, but the institution’s management has been charging Rs 14,00,000 from regular students and Rs 18,00,000 from students that are admitted on the basis of self-finance.

The IUBC has filed an appeal, to the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate into the ongoing malpractices and corruption, performed by the Kazi brothers, and take serious action against them, according to the Constitution of Pakistan.

The committee also added that, if investigation wont start soon, they will hold another protest demonstration after Youm-e-Ashura’s processions.

September 18, 2018

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