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KPK govt and World bank to start Basic health Project

KPKA meeting was held between the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Director World Bank, to discuss and finalize the launch of a much-delayed Basic Health Project. This Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) project will be managed by the World Bank and implemented by the health department, to strengthen the basic health facilities in the province.

This healthcare programme will be initiated with a total capital outlay of 16 million Dollars, provided through a grant by a consortium of Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, European Union, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, UK and the USA.

An agreement in this regard was signed way back in August, 2012 to provide medical support to the crisis hit districts of Buner, Kohistan, Torghar, Lower Dir, Dera Ismail Khan and Battagram. However, the project was being delayed due to some political interference. Recently, the government had revived the endeavor to saunch the programme within a fortnight in Kohistan, Lower Dir and Battagram districts. Within a month the healthcare systems in three more districts will also be revitalized.

The programme objectives included; restoration of citizen’s trust by raising the standards of healthcare in these districts. The health department will thus ensure the presence of Doctors, Nurses and paramedics along with diagnostic tools and medicines. Linkages will be created among the civil dispensaries, basic health units and small hospitals, while also creating a referral system for the patients. Free ambulance services will be made available in the selected districts to minimize the deaths caused by complications in child-birth.

Relevant officials have stated that; The chief minister has given full assurance to the World Bank director that there will be complete bureaucratic and plitical support to materialize the programme. The world bank director said that; the programme would also get extension if it showed good performance.

The health facilities destroyed by militant forces and floods will also be refurbished and made operational, besides improving the maintenance or numerous health units. The poor and vulnerable segments of the population will be provided relief, by reducing the mortality rates. The project will be managed and monitored through District health Offices and its administrative base in Peshawar.

April 8, 2014

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