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Lady Doctor kidnapped while on way to hospital for duty

FAISALABAD: A lady doctor allegedly kidnapped while on her way to the hospital on duty here, ARY News reported on Monday.

Doctor Kashaf was allegedly kidnapped from Char Chak Canal Road while travelling in a rickshaw to hospital.

“My daughter was on her way to the Civil Hospital for duty in the gynaecology department,” Dr Kashaf’s father said.

“Her nikah was solemnized last year and there was a dispute with her husband for cancellation of the marriage,” he further said.

The rickshaw driver in his statement told the police that four armed men stopped his vehicle on gunpoint and forcefully taken Dr Kashaf, who was commuting in his rickshaw, with them.

“Police were called on 15 but they were raising the jurisdiction issue,” the father complained.

The police reached after two hours, the lady doctor’s father said. He asked the higher authorities to take notice of the abduction incident.

The crimes against women and children increasing on the alarming rate in the country while the police and the law enforcement authorities have failed to give a suitable response to the criminals.

-Courtesy by ARY

November 4, 2020

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