Measles outbreak in Thatta


Karachi – While almost 200 human lives are fighting the outbreak of measles in a village near Keenjhar Lake, Thatta, seven children have been reported dead.

The source of the outbreak has been linked to contaminated supply water in the area. While villagers report that they have access to a filter plant installed by an NGO, 50% of population out of the 550 families living in the vicinity still have no access to clean water and are forced to government supply line exposing themselves to the risk of contracting measles.

The reason for contamination of the water is sought to be the industrial chemical waste that is being released into the Keenjar lake. According to a recent UNICEF report, the incidence of measles have started to increase since 2010 country wide floods.

The villagers complain that failure of provision of basic health services by then government is making the problem serious. While the economic health of the villagers are making it difficult to take affected to hospitals to nearby cities, the government seems to be making no effort in easing the situation.

The local dispensaries that are operating in the locality are only able to provide medicines for influenza and fever while cases of pneumonia and referred to civil hospital in the near by cities.

April 16, 2014

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