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Meeting Held to Oversee the Matter of Increased Prices of Stents

ISLAMABAD: Owing to the recent decrease in the value of Pakistani rupee against US Dollar, the prices of Stents have shown to be increased.

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Sheikh Akhtar Hussain informed the committee that, the drug regulator has fixed the prices of stents, based upon the orders of the Supreme Court.

He also added that, after a period of 3 months, the prices will be adjusted in accordance with the rate of the dollar.

CEO, DRAP, made it clear that the authority did not increase the prices, and it has been decided that the prices will now be labelled on every stent, and will also be displayed in hospitals for public’s knowledge.

During this meeting, the National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Senate committee also reviewed and passed the ‘Smoking Prohibition in Cinema Houses Bill 2018.’

Senators Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dilawar Khan claimed that the Health Ministry has nominated two people to attend a World Health Organisation (WHO) conference in Geneva, who have no connection to the ministry, whatsoever.

Upon hearing this, the Ministry of Health explained that the nominated men were specially hired to work on the Smoking Cell Project.

Moreover, the matter of Illegal Occupation of Quarantine hospital’s land was also discussed.

August 24, 2018

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