Millions of Pakistanis Affected by Diabetes

KARACHI- The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) and University of Karachi (UoK) recently hosted the inaugural ceremony of the 9th ANRAP (Asian Network of Research on Anti-Diabetic Plants) International Seminar based on “From Plant to Patient: Identification of New Drugs for Metabolic Disorders.”

The major objective of this conference was to raise awareness regarding the development of research, formed to fight against metabolic disorders and other related diseases.

This ceremony was addressed and attended by eminent personalities; Provincial Minister for Health and Population Welfare, Sindh, Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, Deputy-High Commissioner Bangladesh, Karachi, Noor-e Helal Saifur Rahman, ANRAP Chairman, Prof. Dr Mohammad Mosihuzzaman, UoK Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr M.Ajmal Khan, ICCBS Director, Prof. Dr M. Iqbal Choudhary, Chinese Scholar Prof. Dr Wei Wang, Prof. Dr Barry Noller from Australia, Dr Imtiaz Bashir of Dr. Panjwani Memorial Trust, Dr Asmat Salim and Dr Hafizur Rahman, respectively.

Minister for Health and Population Welfare, Sindh, Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho mentioned how diabetes has acquired an epidemic proportion in Pakistan and other Asian countries, affecting millions of people. She believes that it is important to collectively focus on prevention, alongside developing science-based natural remedies, which can help the suffering population.

It was revealed that The Dr Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research (PCMD), UoK has organized a Global Science Moot, where approximately 350 national and foreign experts will be participating.

PCMD has also initiated a major research program in the field of anti-diabetic drug discovery and development.

Dr Azra Pechuho also added that her ministry has been closely working with Prof. Iqbal Choudhary and his team at ICCBS towards the establishment of a new center for regenerative medicine, which will help in translating the existing stem cell research into clinical applications.

This regenerative medicine center will be first of its kind in Pakistan, having a large GMP facility for large-scale production of stem cells, facilitating treatment of burn patients.

Prof. Dr M.Ajmal Khan welcomed all the International and National delegates to the University, expressing his interest in further collaborating with international experts to enhance the field of Science and Technology in Pakistan.

He praised and congratulated Prof. Iqbal Choudhary for organizing such a useful ANRAP seminar in Pakistan.

Prof. Dr M.Mosihuzzaman added that ANRAP was set up with the aim of coordinating research efforts in the field of Anti-diabetic plant material with enormous floral resources of the Asian subcontinent.

Prof. Dr Iqbal Choudhary applauded the efforts of Asian Network for bringing Pakistani and Indian Scientists on the same page. He applauded the scholars who visited from China and were continuing to help them in terms of setting up new centers for science and research in Pakistan.

While talking about The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, he added that this center is a resultant of commitment and dedication of our scientists and researchers, in hopes of bettering the research sector of  Pakistan.


January 28, 2019

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