Molecular Breast Imaging will boost Breast Cancer Detection if Cost-Effective, says Global Data Analyst


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LONDON– According to a statement from Global Data, published in the international medical media; As breast cancer detection can be improved by Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) as an adjunct to mammography, in comparison with mammography alone, manufacturers must pursue cost-effectiveness to ensure its widespread adoption, says an analyst with research and consulting firm Global Data.

A recent Mayo Clinic study demonstrated that in women with mammographically dense breasts, an MBI exam supplementing a mammogram detected an additional 8.8 cancers per 1,000 women. This puts MBI at the top of breast cancer imaging adjunct techniques, which also include breast ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

In light of this new clinical evidence, Niharika Midha, MSc, GlobalData’s Analyst covering Medical Devices, says that MBI is a promising potential addition to a radiologist’s tool kit, as it addresses a significant unmet need for better detection methods for women with dense breast tissue.

Midha explains: “Recently, the use of mammography as an asymptomatic screening tool has been controversial. In addition, women with high breast tissue density have a four- to six-fold increased risk of developing breast cancer.

“Although the diagnostic accuracy of mammography is dependent on various factors, including age, hormone sensitivity, and image quality, dense breasts pose a significant obstacle to accurate diagnosis. For example, a mammogram’s sensitivity has been reported to decrease from about 90% in fatty breast tissue to around 65% in dense breasts.”

The Mayo Clinic study concluded that the combination of mammography and MBI increased the overall sensitivity to 91% and specificity to 83%.

However, the analyst notes that while these clinical improvements create a strong case for the technology, budgetary concerns may pose a big barrier to its success.

Midha comments: “In line with today’s procurement decisions, apart from clinical data, cost-effectiveness analysis plays a critical role in a technique’s widespread adoption.

“GlobalData recommends that manufacturers pursue cost-effectiveness data combined with targeted marketing efforts to facilitate a purchasing plan that includes new MBI equipment.”

February 12, 2015

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