More than 2 eggs a day could harm your heart

KARACHI: Researchers have warned that eating more than two eggs a day can increase the risk of death by contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

An American research study tracked the diets, health, and lifestyle habits of nearly 30,000 adults in the US for as long as 31 years. According to Katherine Tucker, Professor at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, the cholesterol in eggs, when consumed in large quantities, is associated with ill health effects,

According to the US Department of Agriculture, one large egg contains nearly 200 milligrams of cholesterol, roughly the same amount as an eight-ounce steak. Consuming more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day was associated with a 17% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and an 18% higher risk of death.

“Eating several eggs a week is reasonable, but I recommend people to avoid eating three egg omelettes every day. Nutrition is all about moderation and balance,” said Tucker.

June 17, 2019

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