Most of measles cases go unreported, says Prof Memon


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Karachi: Prominent pediatrician Prof Dr Iqbal Memon has said about 300 to 400 measles cases are reported every day in Pakistan, while most of such cases go unreported owing to flaws in the system.

“Between 10,000 and 15,000 measles cases are reported annually in the country, while 100 to 150 children die from this disease annually,” he added.

He said that although a system to monitor the pattern of children’s diseases such as measles, gastro, etc., existed in the country for the government hospitals, private hospitals did not share the data of patients suffering from these diseases with surveillance cells due to a flaw in the system.

He said that most of the children owing to their weak immune system are vulnerable to the diseases which are usually reported in the winter season and these diseases include measles, flu, cough and respiratory infections. “Children become victim of various diseases due to physical contract of family members with them and hence special care is required to prevent them from the diseases through precautionary measures,” he added.

Prof Iqbal Memon also pointed out that a number of children have not been vaccinated against various diseases like polio and measles in the country due to host of issues.

He said children who remain deprived of vaccination pose serious risk of spreading diseases among those already vaccinated.

He said preventative vaccination course is a complete package for growing children and hence parents must get their children vaccinated as per schedule to prevent their children from such diseases.

He appealed to all segments of the society to play their due role for increasing the vaccination coverage in the country in order to prevent children from various diseases.     

November 23, 2015

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