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Murshid Hospital Offers Free Camp For Diagnosis & Testing

Murshid Hospital offers free camp01

KARACHI – A medical camp was very recently arranged at Murshid Hospital and Health Care Center involving all Medical Specialities. The camp was not only a medical check-up camp but also a disease awareness program for the general public regarding common diseases. The Chief Medical Officer welcomed all the consultants and introduced them as well. He also thanked the participants for attending the camp in large numbers and their active participation in the discussions, More than 600 patients visited various specialists in their clinics. At the camp, chest x-rays, ultrasounds, several routine lab tests and some special tests were being offered for free as well as free consultation with all consultants. Dr Zafaryab, a Chest Physician, discussed bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, and the harmful effects of tobacco on health and lungs, etc. He also informed the public about TB treatment and sputum examination, while gene expert for MTB testing is available free of cost to all patients at Murshid Hospital.

Dr. Ali Mohsin, a Nephrologist, told the audience that renal failure is seen commonly in uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension because of poor treatment, and unclean water. We are trying to get free dialysis centre and treatment at Murshid Hospital, he revealed.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, a General Physician, talked about Hepatitis, Diabetes and Hypertension. He said that healthy food and cleanliness, and avoidance of unnecessary injections are helpful in preventing hepatitis.  Diabetic patients should not only avoid sweets but also fatty foods. The patients with type 1 diabetes should also take insulin regularly as prescribed by physician, while patients of type 2 diabetes should take oral hypoglycemic medication as advised and also practice diet control and exercise regularly.

October 31, 2017

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