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New Drug for Diabetic Patients, Soon to be Available in Markets

KARACHI- Eminent Diabetologist, Prof Dr. Zaman Sheikh recently revealed that a new technique has been introduced to control Diabetes through a dose of injection that will soon be available in Karachi’s local markets.

Prof Sheikh stated that, after extensive research, a new drug GLP-1 Noshi has been approved for diabetic patients, through which type-II diabetes can remain in control to up to 8 days by administrating an injection, once a week. He also informed that this drug has already been introduced in 7 countries of the world. He said that this drug could serve as a blessing for diabetic patients.

According to Prof Zaman Sheikh, there are 2 types of diabetes, out of which 5 percent people are living with type–I in the country, while 95 percent are suffering from type-II diabetes. He maintained that both types are complicated and preventive measures must be adopted to avoid complications.

He said that diabetes is one of the most common diseases and acts as a silent killer. Unhealthy life style, family history, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of fast food and excessive and sedimentary lifestyle are major causes of its widespread, known as type-II diabetes; while type-I spreads through the environment and physical disorders.

He strongly advised people to avoid junk food and consume a balanced diet, perform regular exercises, maintain weight, adopt a stress free life, followed by regular checkups, certainly helps in staying disease free.


July 20, 2018

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