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Newborn sold in Gujranwala‏

GUJRANWALA: A couple sold their newborn children to a private hospital in Gujrat in order to pay for the delivery procedure, Dental News reported on Saturday.

The parents had arrived at the hospital expecting to pay for a normal delivery; however, they had to opt for a Cesarean section (C-section) after discovering that the mother was carrying twins, the procedure for which is more expensive.

Since the couple was unable to pay the hospital the bill of Rs32,000, hospital administration reportedly suggested that they sell their firstborn children and use the money to make the payment.

“The staff made a mistake by playing a role in this trade”, a doctor at the hospital said.

The children’s father spoke to the media and said that they only made this trade because of poverty.

“If our children go into a rich household, they will get an education and they will be happy. If they are happy then we will be happy,” the visibly distressed father said.

The police arrested Dr Rizwan, the owner of the hospital, and have also registered a First Information Report against him.

June 14, 2014

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