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No-Tobacco Day observed in Pakistan


KARACHI: On the 1st of Ramadan, National No-Tobacco Day was observed across the country, urging all Muslims to abandon tobacco use during the holy month.

The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Pakistan Chest Society and other medical organizations arranged programs and lectures in different places and distributed anti-tobacco literature as well. Social media was utilized to sensitize the public about this menace.

PIMA President, Prof Muhammad Afzal Mian, said that Ramadan presents a blessed atmosphere in which adopting a good habit and quitting a bad one becomes relatively easier. Many fasting smokers cut down on their tobacco usage substantially in Ramadan, which is why this period can be used to urge smokers to take another step and quit altogether.

“Smokers should be explained its dangers as well as its status in Islam, which is that of ‘makrooh’ (disliked).”

He said that quitting tobacco was difficult because of its addictive potential, and many smokers needed extensive help and encouragement to accomplish the task. It is expected that because of the special atmosphere in Ramadan and the sense of discipline it engenders in practising Muslims, many regular smokers may quit tobacco use, thereby saving many lives and families.

May 7, 2019

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