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Otsuka’s regular awareness sessions

Otsuka’s regular awareness sessions WEB

Quackery – a real source of infectious disease spread: Dr Karim

At  the Otsuka’s monthly session, arranged to highlight controlling and curbing contagious diseases and making people wise to their destructive nature, gastroenterologist – Dr Shahid Karim of Liaquat National Hospital, as the guest speaker, blamed quackery as one of the main and most potent sources of hepatitis spread and other infectious diseases, especially in the countryside and even in big cities. Thanks to the inability and neglect on the part of administrative machinery. It is also a challenge for the medical profession. Government efforts on eradicating septic, infectious and other chronic diseases, such as TB, Polio, etc, are thus frustrated. He emphasized on strong and aggressive awareness programs for patients and their attendants. He however appreciated Otsuka’s efforts towards public awareness of the diseases and the ways to keep the diseases at bay.

Otsuka Marketing Director – Habib Naveed also spoke, stating that Otsuka will continue its efforts against hepatitis far the beyond its commercial interest  

Dy. Marketing Manager – Arshad Khan stated that; Otsuka is the largest producer of  prick-free IV solution bottles worldwide, as it is also producing high quality compositions with a wide range of products.

Product Manager – Moeenuddin Ansari spoke of Otsuka team work and initiatives of over a decade. He highlighted the founding of the Savior Club, which works towards creating awareness against diseases across the country. The Club lists over 5000 members, all playing their role in spreading knowledge among paramedics/patients and others about preventions measures against common diseases.

September 8, 2014

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