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Pak Pediatric Assoc. condemns attack on Dr. Prataab

PakistanKarachi: March, 2014 – The President of Pakistan Paediatrics Association (PPA) – Professor Iqbal Memon, General Secretary – Professor Jamal Raza and President of PPA Sindh – Professor Salma Shaikh, General Secretary – Professor Jalal Akbar and all executive members have issued a collective condemnation statement against the recent attempt to murder Dr. Prataab Rai – a Senior Medical Officer at Larkana Children’s Hospital. The PPA officials expressed a deep concern and grief over this life-threatening attack and urged the government to conduct a thorough investigation of this matter and apprehend the culprits at the earliest. Dr. Rai was seriously injured in the attack and is still undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Karachi.

The PPA expressed it’s concern over the continuous increase in such acts of violence, crime and extortion in the society, especially against the renowned health practitioners of Sindh. The daily targeting of Doctors in the city have created a debilitating scare among these valuable citizens, while they continue to serve humanity in a very insecure environment. If these crimes and threats against doctors are not controlled soon, more and more medical practitioners will be forced to migrate to safer countries, thus the Pakistani population will be further deprived of quality health care.

Pakistan Paediatric Association has passed a resolution in its recent executive committee meeting, to sympathize with Dr. Prataab Rai and offered a collective prayer for his quick and complete recovery. Moreover, the resolution urged the government and the law enforcement agencies to investigate the case and arrest the culprits as soon as possible. Such criminals deserve exemplary punishments, to curb the menace of extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

March 5, 2014

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